List Of The Best Basketball Players Of India: The Country’s Sports Legends 

List Of The Best Basketball Players Of India: The Country’s Sports Legends 

With a population of over 1.5 billion, with the majority of the young generation, India has 90 million followers of basketball. Today, basketball is an emerging career choice for many kids who want to contribute to the country and make it proud with their prowess. It’s the right time to inspire the future generation, so we bring the list of the famous basketball players in India. Have a look at their skills and achievements!

1. Khushi Ram 

Late Khushi Ram is one of the top 10 basketball players in India. Also known as ‘The Magician of Basketball in India’ and ‘The Scoring Machine Of Asia’, Khushi Ram also represented India at many international basketball competitions. He is known for his shooting skills, which made him the best Indian basketball player ever. 

Position- Captain 


  • Awarded with Arjuna Award in 1967
  • Participated in the Asian Basketball Championship 

2. Ajmer Singh Chopra 

Talking about the male basketball players in India, Ajmer Singh is one of them. Belonging to Haryana, Ajmer Singh joined Haryana Police after his education. Because of his passion for sports, he took training and made his way to basketball. 

Position – Shooting Guard


  • Honoured with Arjuna Award in 1982
  • Played in the Asian Basketball Championship
  • Rewarded with 8 Gold medals

3. Satnam Singh 

The most-heard name, Satnam Singh, is one of the best basketball players in India. Soon after his debut, he became the star of the Indian basketball team due to his exceptional skills. The notable thing about Satnam Singh is that he was the first India-born basketball player to play in the NBA. Despite playing in the NBA, Satnam Singh doesn’t have many achievements; nevertheless, he is one of the most inspirational basketball players in India for upcoming basketball players. 

Position – Centre

4. Amjyot Singh Gill 

For the current generation, Amjyot Singh Gill is the most-heard name for basketball. Despite being new to basketball, Amjyot Singh Gill made his place in the hearts of basketball fans because of his unique on-court skills. Most importantly, he is the second Indian to make it to the NBA’s G: League, which made him recognised as one of the top 10 basketball players in India. 

Position – Power Forward/Small Forward


  • His biggest career achievement is selecting in the NBA
  • National Basketball Championship Winner

5. Anitha Pauldurai

Coming to the female basketball players in India, Anitha Pauldurai is one of the famous names. Anitha Pauldurai is the most consistent Indian basketball player, who retired in 2018. She was also the youngest captain of the female basketball team. 

Position – Shooting Guard


  • First Indian woman to plate consecutive Asian Basketball Championship
  • Gold Medalist in FIBA Asia Basketball Championship, Doha

6. Geethu Anna Jose

The next famous candidate on the list of female basketball players in India is Geethu Anna Jose. Started her sports career with Volleyball, Geethu Anna Jose, aka Geethu Anna Rahul, was the shining star during his career and has been the Indian basketball captain. 

Position -Centre


  • Won the Arjun Award in 2014 
  • Awarded 10 Gold Medals 
  • She was the first Indian woman player to play in the Australian Club
  • She also secured a place in women’s NBL, but she didn’t accept the offer 

7. Akilan Pari 

Akilan Pari is one of the most successful basketball players in India. He served as the Indian basketball captain in 2018 and played the point guard position. His skills and achievements made him count in the list of top 10 basketball players in India. 

Position – Point Guard


  • Selected in Sprite Uncontainable Game
  • Coached by LeBron James and Serge Ibaka

8. Sozhasingarayer Robinson

An impressive personality in Indian sports, Sozhasingarayer Robinson might not have won awards, but he is one of the most famous basketball players in India. His great basketball talent and dedication took the sport to the next level. He currently plays for the Tamil Nadu Basketball Team. 

Position – Power Forward/Centre 


  • A regular competitor in the international tournaments in Asia

9. Vishesh Bhriguvanshi

On the list of the top 10 basketball players in India, another name is Vishesh Bhriguvanshi. He is one of the famous Indian basketball players and the former captain. He participated in several competitions at the national and international level. 

Position – Shooting Guard/Small Forward 


  • Awarded the Arjuna Award in 2020
  • Part of the Asian Club Championship 

10. Prashanti Singh

Prashanti Singh is among the famous basketball players in India. A 35-year’s most talented player, hailing from the oldest city of India, Varanasi, Prashanti Singh, is the most reputable player of the Indian basketball team. With her skills, she has secured several awards in her name. 

Position – Small Forward/Shooting Guard


  • First Indian female basketball player to win Padma Shri Award 
  • Won 23 Medals in National Championships and Federation cups in India
  • Holds the record of highest medals in the National Championship

The journey of the top 10 basketball players In India is an inspiring story for future generations and a contribution to the sport’s growth in the country. From breaking records to making history, these athletes have made their nation proud. As the popularity of this sport continues to rise in India, it is important to recognise the remarkable players who have taken basketball to new heights. With their impressive skills, unyielding determination, and spirit, each player has created a chapter in Indian basketball history. 


Basketball is an outdoor game that is usually played on a 30.62-yard long and 16.4-yard wide court between five players on each team. Each team tries to score by tossing the ball through the opponent's goal and elevating the horizontal hoop and net called a basket. 

Satnam Singh, who was picked by the Dallas Mavericks, is the only Indian player who features in the NBA. 

Vishesh Briguvanshi is an Indian professional basketball player who is currently the captain of the Indian basketball team. 

If you want to be a basketball player, you first need to master your skills, mainly dribbling and shooting. Moreover, you must boost your physical and technical abilities, so regular practice is a must. 

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