Longest Six In Cricket History In Test, ODI and T20

Longest Six In Cricket History In Test, ODI and T20

The longest sixes ever hit in the game of cricket are a remarkable display of the exceptional talent and ability possessed by these top-notch batsmen. Unsurprisingly, some of cricket’s biggest names have accomplished this feat, with shahid afridi longest six, who is holding the record for 153 yards. These cricketers were able to show their talent at the international level and will be remembered for their incredible exploits. Even though cricket balls can travel long distances, the longest six in cricket history is a memorable moment for any cricket fan.

So do you want to know who hit the longest six in the world? How long did their hits last? Which is the world’s longest six in cricket history? Hold your breath! I will tell you the fairy tale of this royal game!

The Longest Six In Cricket History

Given below are the top 9 longest six in history of cricket hit by the greatest batman with a brief table:

Player Name Six Length Bowler Ground Match
Shahid Afridi 153m Ryan McLaren Johannesburg One-Day International Match
Brett Lee 143m Daren Powell Gaba, West Indies Test Match
Martin Guptill 127m Lonwabo Eden Park T20I
Liam Livingstone 122m Haris Rauf’s Old Trafford Cricket Ground 2nd T20I
Corey Anderson 122m Mohammed Shami McLean Park 1st ODI
Mark Waugh 120m Daniel Vettori’s WACA One-Day International
Yuvraj Singh 119m Brett Lee Stuart Broad T20
MS Dhoni 118m Grant Elliott Christchurch 3rd ODI

Now let’s know in detail about this longest six in cricket history:

Shahid Afridi- 153m Six, 2013

Pakistan played against South Africa in Johannesburg on March 17, 2013. South Africa set a massive goal of 344 for Pakistan. And then, Afridi showed what he was capable of! He scored 88, facing just 48 balls. Afridi did something that became history. He hit McLaren straight into the gallery on the fifth ball. Yes! It was six 158 meters long! Although later the distance was recorded as 120 meters in the ICC record book (God knows why!), and Afridi’s record was labeled “unofficial,” he is nevertheless considered the record container for the longest six in cricket history.

Brett Lee- 143m Six, 2005

Brett Lee

Brett Lee is one of the fastest bowlers in the world who bowled for Australia and is very well known for his fast bowling abilities. But he broke a 130-yard six against the Windies and appeared in the Top 10 longest six in cricket history. It was the second-longest six ever in the history of cricket. The ball landed on the practice nets behind the stadium, and even Brett Lee was amazed after watching the ball.

Martin Guptill– 127m, 2012



Another top player on this list is Martin Guptill, who smashed six of 127 yards against South African bowler Lonwabo Tsotsobe. After hearing this name, no one will be surprised because Guptil has an adorable and muscular body. He broke that six over the mid-wicket boundary, where the ball hit the roof before landing in the box.

Liam Livingstone– 122m, 2021

liam livingstone


Liam Livingstone is one of England’s renowned power hitters who broke a six from 122 yards against Haris Rauf in the Eng vs Pak 2nd T20 played at Headingley. This shot is considered one of the best and longest six in cricket history. It was played right on the floor and a sweet voice from the bat left everyone stunned.

Corey Anderson- 122m, 2014


Corey Anderson’s career was shorter than that of other New Zealand cricketers, but he is popular due to his long sixes. He smashed six of 122 yards against Mohammad Shami in the first contested ODI in 2014. With this spectacular shot, Corey Anderson left a good impression in front of everyone and is considered one of the best strikers in world cricket.

Mark Waugh- 120m, 1999

mark waugh

It’s surprising to add Mark Waugh’s name to this list, but he broke six of 120 yards against New Zealand’s Daniel Vettori in 1997. This 120-yard six was considered the longest six in cricket history. For any player primarily known for timing and placement, it was an extraordinary event for everyone to watch this six.

Yuvraj Singh- 119m, 2007

yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is one of the best southpaws India has ever delivered, the longest six in t20 cricket history. His six-strike ability helped India win two World Cups, T20 (2007) and WC (2011). He smashed the longest six in cricket history against Brett Lee at the 2007 World Cup with one smart move. That six was smashed in the World Cup semi-finals, and his form was extraordinary throughout the tournament.

MS Dhoni- 118m, 2009

The longest six in cricket history list is incomplete without MS Dhoni. He was India’s most successful captain in limited overs cricket, who achieved the longest six in Odi. His composure always keeps him ahead of other players. Dhoni broke a 118-yard six against New Zealand in the 2009 3rd ODI played in Auckland. It was a small stadium, but the ball landed in the back of the stands.

Shahid Afridi- 116m, 2010

On March 19, 2010, Shahid Afridi wrote his cricket history. In a match against India at the Shere Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he hit an incredible 116m six on the game’s first pitch. It was Afridi’s record shot and the longest six in cricket history. The crowd erupted in cheers and admiration for Afridi’s achievement. After his 116m shot, Afridi scored 54 points on 36 balls, helping Pakistan to 246 points.


Shahid Afridi's 153-meter six is ​​the longest ODI six to date.

Aiden Blizzard hit a 130-yard long six, but it is said to be the longest six in cricketing history, 173 yards, playing for Victoria in the Australian T20 League.

Yuvraj Singh, the Indian player, hit the longest six in cricket history (119 meters) against Australian Brett Lee.

In RCB's recently concluded match against SRH, Kohli hit the longest six of his IPL career, a 103-yard hit against Nitish Kumar Reddy in the ninth inning of the first innings.

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