Escape The Free Time & Enjoy Some Best Game For Time Pass

Escape The Free Time & Enjoy Some Best Game For Time Pass

Are you frequently bored during work or at home? Don’t waste your time scrolling through social media. Instead, why not try the  best game as time passes to refresh your mind? There are two options available to you: indoor games for youth and adults or mobile games. If you’re at home, opt for indoor games. While if you’re stuck in traffic or in a tedious lecture, go for mobile games. This blog will help you explore the  best game for time pass for both indoor and mobile play.

Best Time Pass Games For Mobile 

If you’re in a waiting room or queue, you might not have enough time to play a long game. No worries! Choose the  best game for time pass which is  both free and quick to play. Such games  offer a variety of challenges, from exciting arcade games to challenging puzzles, to keep you entertained. You can find all of these games on Android and iOS for free, but some might have in-app purchases available.

iSlash Heroes

Get ready for iSlash Heroes by sharpening your blade, which is considered the best game for time pass. The objective is to slash pieces of the board until the meter reaches the red ribbon. However, be careful of the bouncing ninja stars, as hitting one will require you to start again. The key is to remove as many pieces as possible to limit the space for the stars to move.

Fishing Break

Embark on a fun and casual challenge with Fishing Break! Explore different aquatic worlds, catch fish, and create a collection. Simply swipe to cast your line, and tap and hold to reel in your catch. Remember to be patient while reeling them in and avoid pulling too quickly, or the line may break. Sell your fish to earn coins and unlock better fishing spots. Get ready to enjoy a colourful and entertaining fishing adventure!

Doodle Jump

For years, Doodle Jump, the best game for time pass, has been a popular game on smartphones due to its addictive gameplay. Your objective is to hold a jumping beast by listing your phone to dodge enemies and gather power-ups like jetpacks. The game offers various themed levels, missions to complete, and global leaderboards to compete on and see how high you can get.

Angry Birds Blast

Angry Birds Blast is an entertaining matching game that can be enjoyed by anyone, not just Angry Birds enthusiasts, which makes it the best game for time pass. The objective is to free the birds by popping adjacent balloons of the same colour across 250 levels, each with a specific goal. If you encounter difficulties, you can make use of power-ups and boosts. You can create bombs and laser guns by making significant matches to eliminate balloons. Since you have limited moves, it’s important to be strategic. Also, playing the daily challenges can result in beneficial rewards.

Word Chums

If you enjoy playing words with friends, you will certainly appreciate Word Chums. It is similar to Scrabble in terms of gameplay, and you can compete with your Facebook friends to determine who has superior word skills. The game has a delightful appearance, featuring cute characters (chums), a colourful interface, and a positive atmosphere. Additionally, Word Chums gives players the ability to use power-ups to eliminate letters and receive helpful hints to achieve high scores.

Two Dots

Two Dots is a game with more than 1,000 levels where you have to collect coloured dots to win. The objective is to connect dots of the same colour to remove them from the board and reach the level goal. You have a limited number of moves and lives, but you can use boosts and power-ups. Additionally, you can receive gifts daily for checking in and inviting friends.

Best Times Games For Indoor 

Do you miss playing board or pen-and-paper games from your childhood? Why not bring back those fun memories by playing them with your family and friends? Check out our blog for some best indoor games for youth and old age to beat boredom. We’ve divided them into two categories: indoor games to play with people around you and online games that you can enjoy solo or with friends no matter where they are.


Tambola, also known as housie, is an indoor game for 6-12 year-olds and adults of any age. It’s typically played at parties or large gatherings, but even small groups of three or four can have fun with it. To play, you’ll need a Tambola board game, which includes a board, tokens, and tickets.


Carrom is a popular table-top game of Indian origin that can be enjoyed with family and friends. It has gained popularity over time and is now a common game played in social gatherings and clubs. The game can be played by 2-4 players at a time and requires a carrom board, black and white carrom men/coins, a queen, and a striker.

Stone Paper Scissors

This is one of the games to play at home without anything. It’s a simple game that many of us have likely played before, whether for fun or to determine who bats first in cricket. If you’re looking for a quick way to pass the time, it’s worth revisiting this classic game. All you need are two people and their hands.

Dots And Boxes

This is a kind of games to play at home without anything. Remember, we have all indulged in this game during intermissions between classes. The beauty of this game is its ability to accommodate any number of players. The only requirements for playing are paper and pens.

Jigsaw Puzzles

This puzzle board game is perfect for children aged 5 to 12. Not only is it a fun way to pass the time, but it also helps to improve memory and problem-solving skills. If you have children within this age range, this game can help keep them occupied during these gloomy times when they are unable to go outside and play. All you need is the puzzle board game to get started.


UNO is a game that uses a set of unique cards. It’s enjoyable to play with family and friends, and if you’re alone, you can play it online. We’ve categorised it under indoor games, as the most entertaining version of the card game. You’ll need UNO cards and at least two players to play.

Wrap Up

We have compiled a list of the best time-pass games for Android that you can enjoy when you have free time or feel bored. The list includes 12 games that we consider the best. Although there are many more amazing games available on the Play Store, we will update this article with our recommendations soon. In the meantime, please try out these games and let us know in the comments which one you like the most.


The Master Chief Collection takes up 137 GB of memory storage. This game has played a significant role in advancing the first-person shooter franchise. The Master Chief Collection is a compilation of the best games and requires considerable storage.

Here are the top 5: 

Ludo King


Teen Patti Gold

Carrom Pool

World Cricket Championship

Indoor games are just as entertaining and relaxing for children as outdoor games. Moreover, they can enhance hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and cognitive abilities.

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