Dream11 Points System- Working, Points Criteria, And Calculation

Dream11 Points System- Working, Points Criteria, And Calculation

In the last four years, the rise of fantasy sports platforms like Dream11 allowed sports enthusiasts to use their sports knowledge to make money. Endorsed by cricketers like Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah, Dream11 gained the trust of millions of Indians and emerged as one of the largest fantasy sports platforms. Do you know about the Dream11 points system, which is the crucial metric for deciding the winner of a match?

If you are a beginner or looking to create your team on Dream11, you should better understand the Dream11 points calculator and system to win the highest price. Are you ready to dig deep into the points system of Dream11? Read this blog till the end to get complete knowledge about it.

Dream11- India’s Biggest Sports Fantasy Platform

Dream11 is an online fantasy sports platform that was launched in 2019. It allows users to create a team in different sports like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Basketball, hockey, etc. In this, the virtual team of real-life players is created, and the user gets the points based on these players’ real performance in the matches. The platform’s functioning majorly depends on the Dream11 points system, which provides the pre-decided points to the user.

For example, You created a team for a cricket match, selected the 11 players of your choice, and gave them specific positions like Virat Kohli(Captain), Jos Buttler(Vice Caption), and Jasprit Bumrah as main bowler. You will get specific points based on these players’ performance in the real match. Like this, users of Dream11 can create their team before the scheduled match of different sports by adding an entry fee and earning points, which decide the winner. The next section will explain the Dream11 points system in detail.

How Does The Dream11 Points System Work?

The Dream11 points system indicates the player’s performance in a real match. Based on each user’s points, Dream11 decides the winner and gives the highest price pool of Rs 1 crore. Let’s have a look at the Dream11 points table:

Batting Points

The hype of the fantasy points game on Dream11 can be seen during the ICC cricket tournament and the Indian Premier League(IPL). The first part of the Dream11 points system is the batting points, which are decided based on the following metrics.

  • Run= +1
  • Boundary bonus= +1
  • 30 run bonus= +4
  • Six bonus= +2
  • Half-century bonus= +8
  • Century bonus= +16
  • Dismissal for duck(batter, wicket-keeper, all-rounder)= -2

Bowling Points

Apart from batting points, the Dream11 points system also includes specific numbers for the bowler’s performance in the form of bowling points. 

  • Wicket(excluding runout)= +25
  • LBW/bowled bonus= +8
  • 3 wicket bonus= +4
  • 4 wicket bonus= +8
  • 5 wicket bonus= +16
  • Maiden over= +12

Fielding Points

Another crucial part of the Dream11 points system is the points the user gets based on the real performance of the fielders. Whether it’s a catch or stumping, specific points are given to the user, which determines the Dream11 points table.

  • Catch- +8
  • 3 catch bonus= +4
  • Stumping= +12
  • Run out(direct hit)= +12
  • Run out (not direct hit)= +6

Economy Rate Points

In addition to the batting, bowling, and fielding points, users also get Dream11 points for the economy rate. Let’s see the Dream11 points system for the economy rate in cricket:

  • Below 5 runs per over= +6
  • Below 5-5.99 runs per over= +4
  • Below 6-7 runs per over= +2
  • Below 10-11 runs per over= -2
  • Below 11-12 runs per over= -4
  • Above 12 runs per over= -6

Other Points

The Dream11 points system also consists of additional points, which every user gets based on the player’s designation. These points are crucial in deciding the user’s position on the Dream11 points table.

  • Captain= 2x points scored in the match
  • Vice Captain= 1.5x points scored in the match
  • In-announced lineup= 4 points for each player announced in the lineup
  • Playing Substitute= +4 points for the performance of the substitute player

Strike Rate Points

Users also get the points based on the strike rate of the batsman. It also contributed towards the leaderboard and is vital to the Dream11 points system. 

  • Above 170 runs in 100 balls= +6
  • Between 150-170 runs in 100 balls= +4
  • Between 130-150 runs in 100 balls= +2
  • Between 60-70 runs in 100 balls= -2
  • Between 50-60 runs in 100 balls= -4
  • Below 50 runs in 100 balls= -6

How Are the Dream11 Points Calculated?

The Dream11 points system is based on AI and other advanced technologies that precisely calculate the points and deposit them into a user account. The calculation is based on your individual player performance, including batting, bowling, and fielding. In Dream11, users can also participate in other sports and create a team by selecting famous Indian volleyball, basketball, and football players.

Earn Points And Win On Dream11

Dream11 is one of the popular sports fantasy platforms that currently has over 20 crore users. Every day, users make their team and earn points, which makes them money in the form of price. However, the Dream11 points system works based on the real performance of the players on the field. That’s why it is essential to have knowledge of the Dream11 points table and how its points are calculated. Apart from Dream11, there are other fantasy cricket apps which also offer big prizes. We hope you found this blog helpful. To read more blogs, subscribe to SportsnScoop.


The prize money is given to the user with the maximum number of points. You can earn more points when your whole fantasy team performs well.

You have to deposit an entry fee to make your team on Dream11. When you win the points, it can be converted into cash.

The government doesn't restrict Dream11 or any other fantasy sports platform. You can use this platform freely in India.

You don't need any special skill to use Dream11. You can easily use this platform if you have good sports knowledge.

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