Top 5 Fastest Ball In IPL History: 2023 Updated

Top 5 Fastest Ball In IPL History: 2023 Updated

Curious about the fastest ball in IPL history and who delivered it? We find fierce competition where speed is crucial, and matches are very close. Imagine bowlers throwing the ball incredibly fast, shaping the game’s outcome with each throw. The IPL is more than just cricket. It is a platform where fast bowlers from around the world showcase their impressive skills. In this article, we’ll explore bowling in the IPL and look at the top 5 standout players who have made their mark in the record books by delivering the fastest ball in the IPL. We’ll also discuss notable performances from the IPL, where new cricket legends emerge to take centre stage. Stay tuned for more!

List of Top 5 Fastest Ball Records In IPL

IPL is celebrated as a festival in India, and several cricketers have achieved their fame through performing in IPL matches. Not just Indian cricketers but international cricketers have also made records by giving their best performance in IPL matches. Given below are the top 5 fastest ball in IPL history:

Shaun Tait

When it comes to the fastest ball in IPL, no one outpaced Shaun Tait. Back in 2011, while playing for Delhi Daredevils(now Delhi Capitals), he hurled a rocket at 157.71 kmph against Aaron Finch. It’s not just an IPL record but a cricket-wide feat, making him one of the speediest bowlers ever. Representing Rajasthan Royals across four seasons, Tait featured in 21 matches and secured 23 wickets. Sadly, his career was cut short by persistent injuries, but his lightning pace remains unforgettable on the cricket field.

Speed – 157.71 kmph

Lockie Ferguson

Kolkata Knight Riders’ Kiwi speedster, Lockie Ferguson, is back to claim the crown of delivering the fastest ball in IPL. He’s been in a heated contest with Sunrisers Hyderabad’s Umran Malik for the title of the quickest bowler in the league. In recent IPL seasons, both Ferguson and Malik consistently hit speeds beyond 155 kmph (96 mph). This time, it’s Ferguson who’s taken the lead, showcasing his lightning pace against Gujarat Titans. He bowled a scorching 154.1 kmph (95.7 mph) delivery, surpassing Malik’s 152.1 kmph. With speeds even crossing 157 kmph in their careers, these two are among the all-time fastest. Keep an eye on them against tough competition.

Speed – 157.3 kmph

Umran Malik

As discussed above, Umran Malik has been in competition to deliver the fastest ball in IPL. Umran Malik, the speedy bowler from Sunrisers Hyderabad, marked his name in IPL history with the ‘fastest ball in IPL’ title. In IPL 2022, he seized the ‘Fastest Delivery of the Match’ award in all 14 games he played. Umran’s top speed was a blazing 153.5 kmph during the league match against Punjab Kings at Wankhede Stadium. His consistent lightning pace earned him a ₹14 lakh prize, ₹1 lakh per match. His swiftest delivery of 157 kmph was against Delhi Capitals. Wrapping up IPL 2022 on a high, Umran Malik scalped 22 wickets in 14 matches and became a known sports personality in India.

Speed – 157 kmph

Dale Steyn

The South African fast bowler Dale Steyn, once reached the fastest ball in IPL history. Despite facing injuries towards the end of his illustrious career, Steyn was a nightmare for batsmen during his prime. In the 2012 IPL edition, while representing Deccan Chargers, he bowled a rocketing delivery at an astonishing speed of 154.40 kmph. This delivery remains etched in IPL history as the fastest ball ever bowled. Steyn’s remarkable performance continued throughout the tournament, where he secured 18 wickets, making him the sixth-highest wicket-taker in the 2012 season. His extraordinary display left a lasting mark, showcasing his mastery of the ball and making him count among international fast bowlers.

Speed – 154.4 kph

Anrich Nortje

Anrich Nortje, the South African speedster, showcased his fiery pace during a match in the IPL. In the game against Mumbai Indians, Nortje bowled an electrifying over that had everyone talking about the fastest ball in IPL. His first delivery to Ishan Kishan zipped off his fingers at a rapid 146 Kph, but Kishan managed to nick it to the boundary behind the wicketkeeper. However, Nortje was warming up; he quickly cranked up his speed and sent down a searing delivery at a blistering 151.4 Kph. The Mumbai Indians skipper had a tough time negotiating it. Though Nortje’s opening over went for 15, his thunderous pace left an unforgettable mark.

Speed – 151.4 kmph


Lockie Ferguson received the top spot on the list after delivering a ball at a speed of 154.1 kmph.

Umar Malik, an Indian cricketer from Jammu & Kashmir, delivered the fastest ball in IPL at the speed of 157 kmph from Sunrisers Hyderabad.

M.S. Dhoni is considered the best captain of Chennai Super Kings. During his supervision, the team has won 5 IPL trophies.

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