How Much do WWE Wrestlers Make Per Match

How Much do WWE Wrestlers Make Per Match

With a market cap of $8.37 Billion, WWE stands as the 1786th most valuable company in the world. But have you ever thought about how much do WWE Wrestlers Make Per Match? Well, it is a question that rarely comes to our minds. WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment, is an American company that never hesitates to pay big to its top performers. The salaries of WWE wrestlers mostly depend on their popularity and the nature of their game. 

This article will provide insight into WWE wrestlers’ salaries, how much do WWE wrestlers make per match, who the highest-paid WWE wrestlers are, and what the minimum salary of a WWE wrestler is. 

WWE Wrestlers Salaries 

Professional wrestling is a sport that has a humongous fan base all around the globe. The salary of WWE wrestlers depends not only on their on-screen performances but also on the popularity they hold among their fans and the events they participate in how much do WWE wrestlers make per match? This is a question that might have come into our minds at least once. However, the minimum salary of a professional WWE wrestler is reported to be around $52,000 annually. However, it depends on the nature of the contract they sign with the World Wrestling Entertainment Corporation. 

If we talk about the top WWE wrestlers  such as Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and The Rock, the lowest salary they receive in hand is $250,000 annually. This figure is only the amount they get paid by WWE annually. The merchandise sales, pay-per-view fees, celebrity appearances, and brand collaborations also add huge amounts to their bags. 

Every professional wrestler receives a guaranteed base salary irrespective of their performance or the number of matches they played. This is done to ensure that wrestlers receive stable income during the times they are not active. 

How Much Do WWE Wrestlers Make Per Match?

In addition to the guaranteed income, a WWE wrestler receives a per-match payment every time he/she participates. Again, this depends on the wrestler’s reputation and the opponent he/she is facing. Generally, it ranges from a few hundred dollars for B-category wrestlers to thousands of dollars for top WWE superstars. The question of how much do WWE wrestlers make per match has nothing to do with the amount they receive annually from the World Wrestling Entertainment Corporation. 

Highest Paid WWE Superstars 

As per the estimates, here is a list of Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers 

1. Brock Lesnar

With a current salary of $12 million, Brock Lesnar stands tall among the highest-paid wrestlers of all time. The WWE Beast is continuing his dominance even after so many years, both inside and outside the ring. Every year, he signs a contract with WWE at the time of Summerslam that usually ends after Wrestlemania. 

2. John Cena 

The people’s favorite, John Cena, receives an annual income of $8.5 million every year from WWE, making him the second highest-paid WWE superstar. However, there are reports that since his transit to Hollywood, his contract has expired, but he is making big money as a part of previous deals with the WWE. Looking at the popularity and the dedication he has shown over the years, his annual income is justified,  we can just imagine how much do WWE wrestlers make per match

3. Roman Reigns 

The modern superstar Roman Reigns has been positioned as the top player in the current WWE scenario. The Universal Champion receives a worthy amount of $5 million every year as per the contract signed with the WWE. Although his presence is not as dominant as Brock Lesnor’s, his compelling character and never-give-up attitude make him stand tall among modern-day legends. 

4. Randy Orton

Making his debut in 2002, Randy Orton is one of the WWE’s oldest and most loved athletes. Over the years, he has proven his worth as he gets an annual income of $4.5 million under his contract with the WWE. Continuing his legacy in the sport, Randy Ortan has proved that age is just a number if you have a hunger for a particular sport. Understanding how much do WWE wrestlers make per match is essential for both fans and those interested in the business side of professional wrestling. The answer to this question varies widely based on factors such as experience, popularity, and the specific terms of their contracts.

5. Seth Rollins

The World Heavyweight Champion earns a salary of $4 million dollars, making him one of the youngest and highest-paying wrestlers in WWE. Popularly known as the Monday night RAW star, Seth Rollins is always ready to deliver with his quick moves and famous BLACKOUT finisher, which resembles much to Pedigree (Triple H, finisher move) 

6. AJ Styles

Aj Styles is a new-generation WWE superstar known for his flying moves and tricks. He earns an impressive contract of $3.5 million that truly justifies his nature of competition and hunger for the sport.

7. Becky Lynch

The most famous female WWE star, Becky, has set a new standard in Women’s Professional Wrestling. After an impressive performance in Wrestlemania 2019, WWE signed a contract of $3 million with Becky, making her the highest-paid female WWE superstar.

WWE never fails to entertain its star performers in terms of packages and money matters. Looking at the annual contracts of the above-mentioned WWE superstars, we can easily guess how much do WWE Wrestlers make per match. However, the love and affection of wrestlers towards their sport are way beyond the money and perks they get out of it. 

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