Unveiling The World’s Largest Female Bodybuilder Right Now

Unveiling The World’s Largest Female Bodybuilder Right Now

Bodybuilding is a term mainly associated with men as it involves physical strength, dedication, and stamina. However, females broke down barriers and gilded their names in the toughest careers. Today, you can find thousands of women who are into bodybuilding ruling Instagram without an eye-boggling physique. Do you know who the world’s largest female bodybuilder is right now? 

Wondering what is the size of her muscles and chest? Worry not; we will share the name of that Iron Goddess in this blog, along with other details. Make sure you read this blog til the end because there is interesting information about the largest female bodybuilder.

Who Is The World’s Largest Female Bodybuilder?

Let’s end your curiosity for the world’s largest female bodybuilder now. Currently, Natalia Kuznetsova is the largest female bodybuilder who started working out at the age of 14 years when her weight was just 40 kilograms. She is a professional bodybuilder from Russia who won numerous trophies in different bodybuilding competitions. Natalia is also regarded as the world’s strongest female bodybuilder who achieved great success at a young age.

Personal Information About Natalia Kuznetsova

A few people know the personal details of the world’s largest bodybuilder, Natalia Kuznetsova. There are various facts about her which might shock you. Let’s take a look at her personal information.

Nickname Amazoka
Born July 1, 1992
Age 32 years
Weight 225 lbs(102 kg)
Height 5 feet 7 inches(170 cm)
Best win IFBB WOS Romania Muscle Fest Championship 2018
Country Russia

One of the biggest reasons behind the career growth of the world’s largest female bodybuilder, Natalia, is her strict diet and workout routine. She started training at such a young age. She had a huge fan following on social media, making her one of the world’s most famous female bodybuilders. Her bodybuilding career involves her decision to focus on intense training, which most females ignore.

In 2019, Natalia, the world’s largest female bodybuilder, signed a contract with RichPiana for 5% nutrition. She even admitted the regular use of steroids and estrogen blockers, without which she would be incapable of building muscles.

Achievements & Records

Natalia Kuznetsova is not an average bodybuilder; she has big records to her name, which most bodybuilders dream of. According to various sources, she is known as the world’s heaviest female builder. In one of her Instagram posts, she confirmed that her height is 5 ‘7″ and around 220 pounds. Natalia also mentioned that none of these pounds is fat.

Kuznetsova engaged in training for the last 15 years and managed to get great bodybuilder physics. Her determination and hard work made her break various records and win the tag of the world’s largest female bodybuilder. The world records she had on her name are deadlift, bench press, and armlifting. Here is the list of Natalia’s records:

  • Baykal Gran Prix bodybuilding champion(2007, 2008)
  • Record holder of arm lifting and powerlifting at Cup Of Eurasia(2014)
  • World Champion in arm lifting Crimea(2014)
  • World Champion and record holder in bench press(2014)
  • Arm lifting Cup Champion Russia(2014)
  • European Champion in bench press (2015)
  • 1st position in Baikal Grand Prix
  • IFBB WOS Romania Muscle Fest Amateur(2018)
  • IFBB Romania Muscle Fest Pro Women’s Bodybuilding(2019)

Measurement Details of Natalia Kuznetsova

When it comes to the world’s largest female bodybuilder, everyone is curious to know the size of muscle, waist, etc. Natalia has various world records and championships to her name; her perfect physique attracts everyone’s attention. Like Indian bodybuilders, the measurement of thighs, biceps, and chest can surprise anyone.

Chest 66.9 inches(170 cm)
Biceps 24 inches(61 cm)
Waist 35 inches(89 cm)
Weight 200+ lbs
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Legs 39.39 inches(100 cm)
Thigh 39.39 inches(100 cm)

Unknown Facts About the World’s Largest Bodybuilder

Over her career, Natalia received various names like Mass Women, Amazonka, and Russian Muscle Amazon. Today, she is widely popular as the world’s largest female bodybuilder. However, there are various interesting facts about Kuznetsova’s life that no one talks about. In this section, we will uncover such facts which might shock you.

Started Bodybuilding To Boost Her Confidence

In her childhood, Natalia was shy and had a lean body, which affected her self-esteem. From a young age, she became interested in bodybuilding and decided to boost her self-confidence. He didn’t know that her one decision would prove a turning point in her life and make her the world’s largest female bodybuilder.

Married To Freestyle Wrestler

Natalia’s husband, Vladislav, is a freestyle wrestler who met her in 2009 and dated for over a decade. The interesting fact about their relationship is the age difference of 14 years. However, the world’s largest female bodybuilder defeats all odds, marries Vladislav, and lives happily with him.

Consumes Anabolic Steroid

Being the world’s largest female bodybuilder, Natalia is open about her Anabolic Steroid. As per media sources, she also confirmed the usage of estrogen blockers while making large muscles. She believes that taking steroids before competitions gives her an edge during championships.

Natalia Kuznetsova: Raised Bars In Female Bodybuilding

Over the years, bodybuilding has witnessed equal participation from both males and females. Female bodybuilders like Natalia Kuznetsova proved that anything could be achieved with hard work and determination. It is why she is the world’s largest female bodybuilder who inspires young athletes daily.

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Natalia Kuznetsova from Russia is the world's strongest female bodybuilder right now.

Yes, Natalia consumes steroids to make muscles and prepare herself for competitions. In an interview, she admitted that her physique is the result of consuming steroids.

Apart from Natalia, there are other female bodybuilders in the world whose names include Lauren Taylor, Jessica Buettner, Stefi Cohen, etc.

Yes, bodybuilding is one of the toughest athletic sports for women. It needs great strength and muscles to be successful.

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