Relive Your Childhood With These Traditional Indian Games

Relive Your Childhood With These Traditional Indian Games

India has a rich history in sports, and various traditional Indian games have been a part of people’s lives. Today, in the digital world, where everyone is glued to their smartphone, it is impossible to recreate the traditional games that refresh the mind and give an athletic feel. 

It is vital to make the current generation from the traditional outdoor Indian games to ignite the knowledge of our cultural sports. If you are unaware of the top traditional games of India with names, it’s time to freshen up your memory. In this blog, we pile up the list of traditional Indian games that you can play or teach your kids. 

1- Gilli Danda

It was one of the most popular traditional Indian games among boys and is widely played in rural areas. Gilli Danda is a timeless traditional game fusion of cricket and basketball. The requirements for playing this traditional Indian game are Gilli ( a small wooden stick) and Danda ( a longer danda). A player hits the Gilli with Danda and runs to a particular point before the opponent retrieves it.

State of origin: Gujarat

Type of game: Outdoor

2- Kabaddi

Kabaddi is one of the best traditional Indian games known as the game of strength and stamina. It is generally played in the “Akhada” prepared with soil. In this game, there are two teams from which a single player touches down and enters the opponent’s area to eliminate the players while reaching the line. The traditional Indian game list is incomplete with Kabaddi.

State of origin: Tamil Nadu

Type of game: Outdoor

3- Lakhoti Or Kancha

Lakhoti, also known as Kancha, is one of the traditional Indian games which is still popular in rural areas. It is played with the help of marbles, widely known as Kanche or Gotti. This is a game of focus and strategy in which a player has to strike a particular marble with another marble. There is no player limit in this traditional Indian game, and the player who hits the required marble wins the set of Gotti.

State of origin: Bihar

Type of game: Outdoor

4- Kho-Kho

When it comes to the traditional Indian games played in teams, Kho-Kho can’t be ignored. This game is still played in various schools and signifies the team spirit and strategic running of players. There are various Kho-Kho rules and regulations which need to be followed by each player. In this game, one team sits in an alternate direction while the other team player runs around it. 

State of origin: Tamil Nadu

Type of game: Outdoor

5- Chaupar

Chaupar is one of the oldest and traditional Indian games that was also a part of Mahabharata. It is also known as Pachisi and consists of pawns, shells, and dice. You might not have played this traditional Indian game but it looks similar to Ludo, where players perform every move strategically. It is a multiplayer game in which each player has four pawns and six cowry shells.

State of origin: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan

Type of game: Indoor

6- Aankh Micholi

Aankh Micholi is one of the most popular traditional Indian games among youngsters of age 5-15 years. It is a game which boys and girls still play at any location. The game consists of a denner ( a player with a blindfold) and other participants, which can be multiple. The blindfold game, which is a popular traditional Indian game with the name Aankh Micholi, starts with the denner who needs to catch the participants who disperse in various directions. Participants are permitted to make sounds to indicate to the main player.

State of origin: Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

Type of game: Outdoor

7- Chupan Chupai

It is one of the most played traditional Indian games, popular with several names of Hide and Seek and Luka Chuppi. It can be played indoors and outdoors. While playing this traditional game, a team of players hides at predetermined areas that searcher need to locate. While the other players wait, one player has to close their eyes and count to a specific number. Once the searcher finds each hiding player, he wins the game.

State of origin: UP, Bihar, Haryana

Type of game: Indoor and outdoor

8- Moksha Patam

One of the most played traditional Indian games that has roots from the medieval period is Moksha Patam. It is a board game usually played on a cloth board with a succession of squares. Moksha Patam evolved and became popularly known as the Snakes and Ladders or Saanp Seedhi with time. 

The rules of this game are simple, as the player has to reach the top using the ladder while facing the snakes. Once it lands in the snake block, it loses its position per the desired block. It is one of the indoor games which can be played with friends and parents.

State of origin: Gujarat and Rajasthan

Type of game: Indoor

9- Nondi Or Hopscotch

It is a well-known traditional Indian game originating from Tamil Nadu and is also known as Stapoo. This traditional Indian game is most popular among girls and is still played in rural areas. In this game, a ladder grid is drawn on the floor using chalk, which includes the various numbers. One player who throws the stone on any number and hops with one leg without touching the boundaries is selected. Nondi can be played in small and large groups.

State of origin: Tamil Nadu

Type of game: Outdoor

10- Lagori

Lagori is one of the most popular traditional Indian games, usually played on the ground and street. A team tries to topple off a stack of stones in this game. One player gets three chances to knock off the pile of stones with a ball. If the ball hits the stones, the rest of the team restores the stack before being out. Lagori is usually played between two teams and needs concentration. 

State of origin: Karnataka

Type of game: Outdoor

Over the years, various traditional Indian games remain in people’s memory and are still played in rural areas. The above traditional Indian game list includes the most popular games which can be played easily. 


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