Win Cash Prizes With Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps

Win Cash Prizes With Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps

The love for cricket in a cricket-crazy nation like India is eternal. The enthusiasm for cricket reaches a new height among people when they see playing Dhoni, Kohli, or any other cricket legend on the pitch. The craze among cricket has soared so high that everyone wants to build their team to showcase their cricket skills and spirit. This has given rise to “fantasy cricket apps,” which have made a splash among cricket fans. With an array of options available, picking the best fantasy cricket apps can be a herculean task for anyone. 

In this blog, we have curated a list of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps and shortlisted them based on their user rating and downloads, Stride along to continue reading about them. 

Ignite Your Cricket Spirit With These Fantasy Cricket Apps 

Fantasy cricket apps enable you to create virtual cricket teams where you can choose real players and participate in online competitions. Let’s look at the list of top 10 fantasy cricket apps below: 


The most well-known app among cricket enthusiasts is Dream11. Founded in 2008 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth, this app allows you to create a virtual cricket team and compete with others. It is a highly secure app to play cricket and offers multiple contests to pick from. To play cricket on Dream11, you must create an account and deposit money first. 

User rating: 4.2 

Downloads: 5Cr+


One of India’s popular fantasy cricket apps with over 10 million users, MyCircle11 was launched in 2019 and featured in publications like Times of India Economic Times and Hindu. MyCirclel11 offers free contests for beginners and paid contests with a larger prize pool. It is the most demanding fantasy cricket application after Dream11. 

User rating: 4.1

Downloads: 1Cr+

MyTeam 11

Looking for an app that allows you to play cricket based on your skill level, contest, and budget? MyTeam 11 is your go-to fantasy cricket app to keep your sports spirit high. Launched in 2016, MyTeam 11 is a byproduct of Manpreet Singh Gill and Abhishek Nayyar. The good thing about this app is it uses SSL encryption to protect user’s data. 

User rating: 4.4

Downloads 10L+


Another one of the most downloaded fantasy cricket apps we have on the list is LeagueX. Not only can you play cricket through this app, but you can also delve into various sports like football, basketball, etc. Also, this app supports private leagues where you can invite your friends or colleagues to compete with each other. 

User rating: 4.4

Downloads: 10L+ 


If you don’t like the above-mentioned apps, MyFab11 will gain your attention as it allows you to win exclusive cash prizes. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and robust security features, which have won the hearts of sports enthusiasts. Launched in 2018, the app is available on both Android and iOS devices. 

User rating: 4.2

Downloads: 5L+


On the lookout for a fun and challenging way to test your cricket skills? Legend is among the top 10 fantasy cricket apps offering you a friendly user interface, exclusive prices, and a robust special community. In this app, you can get ample social features, free gaming content, and a lot more. 

User rating: 3.8

Downloads: 1L+ 


Another app that will give you plenty of opportunities to show your cricket skills, play online, and win cash prizes is BatBall11. This app is for both amateurs and experts that can keep them hooked with interesting matches. Among the top 10 fantasy cricket apps, BatBall11 has a user-friendly interface that allows you to play seamlessly. 

User rating: 3.7

Downloads: 1L+ 


Founded in 2018, Vision11 was launched by Parth Rawal to transform the Indian fantasy sports industry. Vision11 is one of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps to test your cricket knowledge and win money. Through this app, you can earn unlimited money with your skills in fantasy cricket. You can also play fantasy games like Kabaddi, handball, hockey, and football. 

User rating: 3.5

Downloads: 1L+


One of India’s top fantasy cricket apps, Ballebazi, has distributed more than Rs. 500 crore winnings. The app is 100% safe and allows users to engage in fantasy cricket, football, and kabaddi. As a user, you can participate in famous sports leagues and championships like the ICC Cricket World Cup, FIFA World Cup, English Premier League, and a lot more. Download this app, participate, play, and win cash prizes. 

User rating: 3.5

Downloads: 1L+


Last but not least, amongst the most exciting fantasy cricket apps, 11Wickets offers users an opportunity to showcase their cricket skills and win amazing cash prizes. Through this app, you have a chance to win cash prizes daily and explore other games as well, such as football, kabaddi, etc. 

User rating: 2.9

Downloads: 1L+ 

By downloading your favourite fantasy cricket app, you can engage with cricket enthusiasts, strategise and compete with each other virtually. Let us also know which cricket app you liked the most and want to download. Stay tuned for more informative blogs. 


 Dream11 is the most downloaded and famous fantasy cricket app in India. More than 5+ crore users have downloaded this app.

The cash prize depends upon the type of app you download. For example, Dream11 can earn you 1 crore in just 49 minutes, and other apps, too. 

The major features of fantasy cricket apps include online registration, team creation, live scoring, social media integration, live chat, etc. 


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