Kho Kho Rules And Regulations: The Game Of Boundless Spirit

Kho Kho Rules And Regulations: The Game Of Boundless Spirit

Kho Kho is one of the most popular and common games in most rural areas of India. People are highly suggested to try Kho Kho at least once in their lifetime as it permits them to enjoy a strategic game to play without compromising on fitness aspects on a regular basis. The game of Kho Kho doesn’t need to purchase costly gasoline and equipment to play, it just takes a good amount of intelligence and some Kho Kho rules and regulations to increase the pace

Most people prefer to play Kho Kho as it allows them to burn enough calories in the body and improve the thinking aspects in effective play. So, let’s learn about how to play Kho Kho, its team composition, Kho Kho rules and regulations, the history of kho kho etc.

Quick Detail About Kho Kho 

Kho Kho is a game similar to tag that involves chasing and tagging opponents to score points. However, the Kho Kho rules and regulations are strict. The game consists of two innings with two turns lasting nine minutes. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Additional innings are played in case of a tie. Agility, speed, and quick thinking are required to play Kho Kho. The game has been played nationally and internationally for a long time and originated in Maharashtra. The game was first played at the international level in Vijayawada at the start of the 20th century. Now, lets quickly know about the rule of kho kho in points:

Kho Kho Rules And Regulations

Given below are essential Kho Kho rules and regulations:

  • The first Kho Kho rules and regulations is that each team will have 12 members. The game is divided into four quarters, each lasting 9 minutes.
  • The second Kho Kho rules and regulations is that on the field, three runners face a chasing team of eight players who kneel on marked squares. The chaser stands near a pole to start the game.
  • The third rule of kho kho in points is that the chaser must touch the runners while they try to avoid being tagged. Once all three runners are touched, three new runners from the entry zone enter the field, and the game continues.
  • The team members chasing take positions on the cross-lane while three runners run within a field range determined by two poles. The runners can change direction while running and run over the cross-lane.
  • The chaser is not allowed to cross the centerline or change direction while pursuing runners. They must touch a designated pole and turn back before continuing.
  • A point is awarded every time the chaser touches a runner.
  • The chaser can pass on their turn to any other sitting player by tapping them from behind and saying “Kho.”
  • There are several ways to incur Kho Kho fouls while playing, such as not saying Kho before touching someone or changing direction while chasing.
  • If there is a tie, an additional turn is played where the winner is the team that touches one runner on the opposite team in the least amount of time.

Players And Team Of Kho Kho

Below are the details about the players and teams according to Kho Kho rules and regulations:


Having a balanced team with defenders and substitutes is crucial. A team usually has 8-12 players, but larger tournaments may require more substitutes. Utilise your team’s skills while maintaining quality; having enough substitutes is important.


Kho Kho is a game that improves reflexes and intellect. Understand the Kho Kho rules and regulations to increase the chances of winning. Two teams play in two rounds. The team with the highest score wins.


Defenders need quick reflexes and instincts to avoid substitutions and win points easily. They should forecast opponents and change direction regularly to keep the play active. Understanding the meaning of Defender is crucial for achieving goals and earning points quickly.


Chasers and defenders play tag. Chasers need to predict movements and block opponents to earn points. Both players should understand their roles to avoid compromising the point structure.

Final Words 

Kho Kho is a famous sport for most individuals as it allows them to assess their intelligence and body reflexes quickly. It is strongly recommended that every child and adult try Kho Kho at least once, as it helps them enjoy the pleasure of body reflexes and guessing effectively. It is important for every player in the game to observe the opponent’s behaviour enough and learn Kho Kho rules and regulations. It helps them take more points without compromising the game’s outcome from time to time.


According to Kho Kho rules and regulations, each team has two rounds to score and two to defend, each lasting nine minutes.

The government has launched the following awards for the game: Arjuna Award, Eklavya Award for men, Rani Laxmi Bai Award for women, Veer Abhimanyu Award for boys under 18, and Janaki Award for girls under 16.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak, an Indian freedom fighter, is the father of Kho-Kho. He is also given the name "Lokmanya," which means "someone people love."

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