Is This The End Of The Indian Football Team?

Is This The End Of The Indian Football Team?

Yesterday, i.e. on March 26, India witnessed one of its most embarrassing defeats in recent years with a gut-wrenching score of 1-2. The Indian football team suffered an embarrassing defeat against Afghanistan in FIFA qualifiers. Afghanistan team ranks much lower in FIFA rankings than the Indian football team; also, they struggled to put up a team for the qualifiers, and even the team they could put together was not that good. 

Four of their players were not even a part of a club and were not a part of the football season like Indian footballers. Indian football should have easily defeated them; instead, the Indian football team got defeated by them for a second time.

Match Highlights

  • In the 37th minute, Sunil Chhetri scored his 97th international goal in his 150th match.
  • He was substituted in the 67th minute because he had scored a penalty in his 150th match; his face showed signs of urgency and concern.
  • After 30 minutes, when the referee blew the final whistle, Sunil buried his head in his hands and faced the reality of the Indian football team.
  • In the second half of the match, Afghanistani players Rahmat Akbari (71st minute) and Sharif Mukhammad (88th minute) scored two goals against India.

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