List Of Indian Bodybuilders: From Local Gyms To World’s Fame

List Of Indian Bodybuilders: From Local Gyms To World’s Fame

The craze of bodybuilding among the youth has increased in the last few decades. It has been more famous in the states like Haryana and Maharashtra, where bodybuilding has a long history. Various Indian bodybuilders came out from the small town and represented India at various international events. 

Today, Indian bodybuilders like Suhas Khamkar have become iconic stars and are followed by the new generation. However, if you are not aware of the names of Indian bodybuilders who showed a stellar body figure and made it to the Indian bodybuilder list, this post will be interesting to read for you. 

We have shortlisted the top 10 bodybuilders in India based on their career achievements. So stick with us till the end.

Bodybuilder name DOB Weight Hometown
Sangram Chougule 28 December, 1979 74-79 Kg Kolhapur, Maharashtra
Murli Kumar 14 August, 1985 93-102 Kg Kottayam, Kerala
Suhas Kamkar 9 August, 1980 86-90 Kg Kolhapur Maharashtra
Arambam Boby 1 February, 1975 80 Kg Manipur
Rajendra Mani 13 October, 1974 76 Kg Chennai
Varinder Singh Ghuman 19 August, 1984 130 Kg Punjab
Amit Chhetri 4 June, 1976 100 Kg Haridwar
Hira Lal 15 October, 1977 87 Kg Punjab
Pradip Kumar Singh 29 December, 1989 76-78 Kg Manipur
Thakur Anoop Singh 23 March 1989 78 Kg Pune, Maharashtra


1- Sangram Chougule

Sangram Chougule is one of the famous Indian bodybuilders who was an electrical engineer by profession. His passion towards bodybuilding made him win six consecutive Mr India titles from 2010-2015. Sangram is from Kolhapur, Maharashtra and made it to our Mr India bodybuilder list. One of his notable achievements is the Mr. World title, which he won in 2012 and 2014.

Achievements: Mr. Maharashtra (3 times), Mr. India (6 times), Mr. World (2 times)

2- Murli Kumar

The second name on our list of best Indian bodybuilders is Murli Singh, who also served in the Indian Navy at an early age. He started his bodybuilding career at 25 and is considered one of the greatest Indian bodybuilders in Mr. Olympia. Coming from Kottayam, Kerala, Murli has inspired many youths from a young age and represents India at various events. Regarding Murli’s achievements, he won the Mr. India title 9 times, whereas he also has the Mr. Asia Title to his name.

Achievements: Mr Asia, Mr India (9 times)

3- Suhas Kamkar

Suhas is one of the trending names in the list of Indian builders, with a large fan following on social media. His career as a bodybuilder remains stellar till now as he has won various medals in different bodybuilding competitions. One of his notable achievements is Mr. Amateur Olympia Champion, which he won in 2018. Besides this, Suhas also won Mr. India, Mr. Maharashtra, and Mr. Asia in his successful career. With this achievement, Suhas also made its name on the list of Indian bodybuilders in Mr Olympia.

Achievements: Mr. Maharashtra (8 times), Mr Asia (2010), Mr. India (10 times)

4- Arambam Boby

Arambam Boby is not just the name but an inspiration for youngsters who want to become bodybuilders. He is one of the best Indian bodybuilders who won the title of Mr. India 12 consecutive times. Bobby also remained Mr. World 8 times and has many achievements due to which it makes to our list of Top 10 bodybuilders in India. 

He successfully represented India at various International events and brought fame while making his legacy. Apart from this, Arambam also received awards from the Indian bodybuilders Federation.

Achievements: Mr. World (8 times), Mr. Asia (5 times), Mr. South Asia (3 times), Mr. India (12 titles)

5- Rajendra Mani

Rajendra Mani, also known as Indian Hulk, has an amazing physique which makes anyone his fan. When it comes to the best Indian bodybuilders, Rajendra is the name that you can’t forget. A 48-year-old Mani also served in the Indian Air Force for 15 years and significantly impacted the Indian Bodybuilding industry. He won Mr. India 14 times and Mr. World 4 times and bagged 12 gold medals in domestic bodybuilding competitions.

Achievements: Mr World (2013-2016), Mr Asia (2009, 2013), 12 Gold Medals

6- Varinder Singh Ghuman

You will be surprised to know that Varinder Singh Ghuman is one of the few Indian bodybuilders who is a vegetarian. Coming from the Punjab, Varinder is also a wrestler, businessman, and actor by profession. He is also the first one on the Indian bodybuilder list who received a pro card from the International Federation of Bodybuilding.

Achievements: Mr. India, Silver Medal in Mr. Asia

7- Amit Chhetri

Born in Haridwar, Uttrakhand, Amit Chhetri earned a great reputation and respect due to his splendid physique. He is also popularly known as Arnold Schwarzenegger of India. Amit also served as a police constable in Uttrakhand police and participated in Fairfax world police and fire games in 2015. He is among the  Indian bodybuilders who won a gold medal in the 100 Kg category. His achievements and determination to stand out from the crowd make it the list of top 10 bodybuilders in India.

Achievements: Mr. India title in the 100 Kg category

8- Hira Lal

Hira Lal was born in 1977 and is considered one of the best Indian bodybuilders who won the major championships for India. Born in Kapurthala, Punjab, Hira won the Mr. Universe Title for India, Mr. Punjab, and other competitions. He is also one of the Indian bodybuilders who made the Vegetarian Mr. India bodybuilder list. Talking about his most significant achievement, Hira is the bodybuilder who won the Gold medal after 23 years; before that, Prem Chand Degra won the gold medal for India in 1988.

Achievements: Mr. Punjab (8 times), National Gold medal (3 times), Mr. World Gold Medal (2011)

9- Pradip Kumar Singh

The story of Pradip Kumar Singh is inspirational; he progresses from suffering psychological trauma to becoming one of the best Indian bodybuilders. In addition, there is also a book on his journey named “I am HIV Positive, So What?

Pradip has won Mr. India, Mr. Asia, and Mr. World Championship. Coming from the Manipur state, Pradip has achieved great success at a young age and has become an inspiration for others. Having a stellar bodybuilding career and fan-following is the reason Pradip is among the top 10 bodybuilders in India.

Achievements: Mr. World (2012), Mr. India (2010), Mr. Asia (2012)

10- Thakur Anoop Singh

Thakur Anoop Singh is one of the versatile Indian bodybuilders who is also an actor and pilot. Born in Pune, Maharashtra, Anoop started bodybuilding in 2011 and won a gold medal in the WBPF World Bodybuilding Championship 2015. 

Apart from this, he also won a bronze medal at the Asian Championship in the same year. One of the notable achievements of Thakur Anoop Singh is that he won Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the Men’s Fitness Physique category.

Achievements: Asian Championship (2015), Mr. India (2015), World Bodybuilding Championship (2015)

India has a rich culture of wrestling and bodybuilding, which gives us various bodybuilders. The list of Indian bodybuilders includes various names representing India at International events and bringing Gold to the home. Our Indian bodybuilder list also includes the names who won: Mr. World, Mr. India, and Mr. Asia multiple times.

These are the top 10 bodybuilders in India who remain the inspiration for youngsters and motivate them to come forward and represent India at the global level. We can expect more new names on Mr. India bodybuilder list in the coming years.


Kuku Ram won the gold medal in Mr World at 54 for India.

The most famous Indian bodybuilders include Sangram Chougule, Arambam Boby, and Hira Lal.

Arambam Boby won Mr. India 12 times and topped the list of Indian bodybuilders in this category.

Varinder Singh Ghuman is a vegetarian Indian bodybuilder who manages his physique by eating vegetarian diets.


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