Learn How Many Holes Are There In A Golf Course And Why?

Learn How Many Holes Are There In A Golf Course And Why?

Many people are fascinated by the sport of Golf, while some find it lacklustre. However, one thing is certain: golf is one of the world’s most reputed and cleanest games. Due to the fact that many people find golf boring, only a few people know about it. Tell us, Do you know how many holes are there in a Golf course? Or what is the meaning of the Teeing area? Don’t worry; we will provide you with a simple guide. In this blog, we will share a few details about the game of golf and tell you how many holes there are in a golf course. 

How Many Holes Are There In A Golf Course: Standard And Non-Standard

The answer to your question, how many holes are there in a Golf course, is pretty simple: 18 courses come in all shapes and sizes, but a standard course usually consists of 18 holes. However, you can also find courses with 14, 12, or even 9 holes. How many holes are there in a golf course also depends on the Par level of the course. Par Level is the number of shots a proficient golfer must make to make a hole. The par level is generally denoted with 3,4,5, depending on the distance between the teeing area and the putting greens. But do you know what a teeing area is or what is putting greens? Let’s discuss these terms below. 

Reason Why Are There 18 Holes In A Golf Course?

Now that you know how many holes are there in a golf course, the next thing to discuss is why that is the case. Golf has a very long history; the first ever game of Golf was played in the 1400s. Initially, there was no rule about how many holes there were in a golf course. However, in 1754, the oldest club for Golf was founded, St. Andrew Golf Club. In 1764, St. Andrews constructed the first-ever golf course with 18 holes. It changed how the game was played, and St. Andrews Golf Club became famous. 

There are some rumours that a golf course has 18 holes because there are 18 shots in a bottle of whiskey, and at the time, people used to drink a shot before playing each shot. However, this is nothing but a hoax. The reason there are 18 holes in a golf course is that in 1858, the St. Andrews Golf Club, which was renamed the Royal And Ancient St. Andrews Golf Club by King William the 4th, made it mandatory for all Golf clubs to have 18 holes otherwise the game would be considered incomplete. 

Some Basic Golfing Terms

Now that you know how many holes are there in a golf course and why that is the case, the next thing to know is some basic golfing terms, such as teeing area, Par, Putting Green, Fairway Bunker, and many more. 

1- Teeing Area 

The Teeing Area is where the game starts. This is where you put your tee down and place the ball on it to make your first shot of the game. Many squares or points are in the tee area, each with a different angle and distance from the hole. 

2- Par level

Par Level refers to the number of shots a good player will need to make in order to score, either a hole or a full game. 

3- Putting Area

The putting area is one of the defined areas of the golf course, which is especially useful for making your shots count. Once a ball reaches this area, the player has a few special permissions. In a putting area, the player can lift the ball after marking its position to clean it or to see if something is wrong with the ball. 

4- Handicap

In Golf, a handicap is a number that denotes a Golfer’s ability to play golf based on their previous games and rounds. Generally, men have a handicap from zero to 28, and women have a handicap of zero to 36. 

5- Net Score

Net Score in golf is the total number of points you have minus your handicap number. For instance, if a golfer shoots an 84 round and their handicap is 10, their net score becomes 84-10, which is 74. 

Play Golf And Relax!

Golf is one of the oldest, still playable games worldwide, and millions of people play it, usually for recreational purposes. Some of the most well-known personalities play golf in their free time, like Michael Jordan, who is arguably the best NBA player ever. It is a sport like no other, and for people, some of its terms and rules can confuse you. With this blog, we resolved one such confusion: how many holes are there in a golf course? We hope you liked the blog and comment to let us know which topic you want us to cover next. 


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