Life Journey Of Global Esports Owner Rushindra Sinha

Life Journey Of Global Esports Owner Rushindra Sinha

Everyone must have played esports in their lives at least once. Global Esports Federation is one of the well-known sports federations as it brings the world’s video gaming (esports) community together. It works as a Talent Incubator and helps esports stars and gaming content creators. The organisation is thriving, but have you ever thought about the Global Esports Owner? Who made this organisation? We would like to tell you about his journey. Read our blog and learn everything about the owner of Global Esports Organisation. 

What Is Global Esports?

Before moving on to the owner, let’s have a better understanding of Global Esports. It is a sports federation launched on 16 December 2019 with the first President, Chris Chan. The Board of GEF has 5 vice presidents and 14 board members. This sports federation is headquartered in Singapore and organises a series of tournaments for esports athletes and teams. Paul J. Foster was the first CEO of this organisation. 

Gef Board

We have covered some information about GEF, let’s move to its board, and then we will move to global esports owner, Rushindra Sinha. 


Name Designation Country
President Chris Chan Singapore
Vice President Steven Ma China
Chester King United Kingdom
T A Ganda Sithole Zimbabwe
Adriane Lismore Ireland
Melita N. Moore M.D. United States
Board Member Ramil Aliyev Azarbaijan
Stefi Bou Italy
Semy Bessi Belgium
Hala Ghandour Libanon
Lorenzo Giorgetti Italy
Hideki Hayakawa Japan
Jerry Ling Singapore
Yaqui Nunez Del Risco Mejia Dominican Republic
Chong Geng Ng Singapore
Chris Overholt Canada
Alper Afsin Ozdemir Turkiye
Dana Reizeince-Ozola Latvia
Aurelia Ruestch France
Koen Schobbers Netherlands
Peter Zeytoonjian United States
Chief Executive Officer Rushindra Sinha India
Senior Advisor Andrzej Krasniscki Poland
Hideki Okamura Japan
Rebbecca (Bex) Smith New Zealand
Song Luzeng China
Advisor Nicholas Khoo Singapore


Who Is The Global Esports Owner?

You now have acquired a better knowledge of GEF, is time to learn about Global Esports Owner. Dr Rushindra Is the founder of the Global Esports Organisation. Famous like Ayesha Mukherjee and other celebrities, Rushidra studied in a medical school and is passionate about technology. Also a gamer, Rushindra started creating and selling games at the age of 18. Born and raised in Mumbai, Rushindra was ranked nationally in inline skating. If we talk about the global esports owner age, He is currently 33 years old. Also, he was featured for pioneering medical education and live streaming of surgeries in local and national newspapers. 

Early Life Of Global Esports Owner 

You have learned some of the things about the Global Esports Owner, but let’s take this knowledge to a deeper level. As he is 33 years old you may have anticipated that he is married. Well, yes, and the global esports owner wife is also his love of life. 

Achievements Of Global Esports Owner

Dr Rushindra Sinha is now the owner of Global Esports but was previously a doctor. We have mentioned that he was nationally ranked in inline skating for his skating skills and featured in local and national newspapers. But he also possesses acting skills as a result, the global esports owner played a role in an award-winning ad film in Bejing. Rushindra also Produced and edited 2014’s winning entry for the Tribeca Film Festival. 

Global Esports Owner Studies

Rushindra Sinha was always passionate about technology, but let’s talk about how he got this passion. As we mentioned Sinha studied in medical school, where he learned about medicines and got attracted to them. He also watched the use of technology and got attraSinha earned his medical degree from Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital and Research Center of Maharashtra. Later the Global Esports Owner studied at Standford University Graduate School of Business and prepared the stage for his future in ventures. 

Professional Life And Earning Of Global Esports Owner

Founder of a global esports organisation, Dr Sinha also has significant knowledge in cryptocurrency, NFT, and Blockchain. He earns a huge money from these sources, which allows him to live a high-class life. Additionally, this entrepreneur earns money from the Gamefi company, which makes money through NFTs or non-fungible tokens. The global esports owner has numerous followers on his X (Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts. 

Our Verdict

Global Esports is a sports federation launched on 16 Dec 2019. Dr Rushindra Sinha is the founder of this organisation. There are other esports organisations as well. Dr Rushidra Sinha was a medical school student who also liked gaming, and because of his talent and dedication, he achieved many things. You can also accomplish your goals with dedication. De tell us with a comment if you knew before, about Global Esports and its owner. 

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