Top 10 Football Academies In India With Full Details

Top 10 Football Academies In India With Full Details

Football has a huge popularity throughout the world, and India is no exception. Its popularity is expanding rapidly in India as  millions of youngsters in the nation aspire to be world-class athletes like Lionel Messi and David Beckham. This desire comes with the need for professional guidance and football training. 

To attain a top-notch level in the sport, the need for relevant training and mentorship is indisputable. If you want to know about the best football academies in India that can provide you with adequate resources and training, or if you are a parent searching for the same for your child, don’t look any further.

This blog will give you a sorted list of the top 10 football coaching centres known for producing great athletes. Let’s start without any further ado!

S. No. Academy Name Founder Establishment
City (State)
1 TATA Football Academy Rusi Mody  1987 Jamshedpur, (Jharkhand)
2 Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools   Bhaichung Bhutia, Kishor Taid & Anurag Khilnani 2010 Delhi
3 Premier India Football Academy Anjali Shah & Nirvan Shah 2003 Mumbai, (Maharashtra)
4 Barca Academy India Anupama Jain 2016  Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru
5 Boca Juniors Football Academy Sunanda Das 1905 Gurugram (Haryana) 
6 Paris Saint Germain Academy India  1970 Gurgaon (Haryana) 
7 Arsenal Football Schools David Danskin 1885 Delhi, Gurgaon
8 DSK РShivajians Academy  Ashok Vanjari, Manoj Walvekar, Emanuel Jeevan, Moreshwar Dhumal, Viju Deshmukh and Frank Norman 1987 Pune (Maharashtra) 
9 India Tigers Football Academy  Gareth Hall, David Lee, and Clive Walker 2008  Mumbai (Maharashtra)
10 Kolkata Football Academy  British Expatriates  1965  Kolkata (West Bengal)


1. Tata Football Academy (TFA)

Tata Football Academy (TFA) is an eminent part of the nation’s grassroots development. TFA, founded in 1987, has produced a spate of football talents who have gone on to play for the national and overseas football teams.¬†

The academy takes a comprehensive approach, combining technical skills, physical fitness, and mental conditioning. TFA is a top pick on the list of the top 10 football academies in India, thanks to its cutting-edge facilities, professional instructors, and medical facilities. Some finest players who emerged from this academy are Subrata Pal, Raju Gaikwad, Alok Das, and Jeje Lalpekhlua. 

Website: https://www.fcjamshedpur.com/academy 

2. Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools (BBFS)

Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools (BBFS)  has a solid market reputation for nurturing young talents and assisting them in their development as footballers, making it one of the best football academies in India.

With a network of academies throughout the country, BBFS focuses on the appropriate development of young aspirants. The academy has significantly contributed to the sport’s growth in India.

Website: https://www.bbfootballschools.com/

3. Premier India Football Academy

Premier India Football Academy, located in Gurgaon, has acquired attention for its devotion to promoting football. This institute is counted among the top 10 football academies in India because of its unique programs. 

They not only train students in football, but their programs are about discipline and tactical understanding, both of which are essential components of football. As a result, the academy has produced skilled players from the northeastern region.

Website: http://pifa.co.in/

4. Barca Academy India

Barca Academy India is one of the prominent football academies in India, well-known for providing expert football coaching. Located in several major cities, Baraca Academy provides exclusive opportunities to players of the age bracket of 5-18 years. 

Professional coaches provide students with exceptional training and make them learn unmatched styles. Moreover, the academy features world-class facilities, making it one of the best football academies in India. 

Website: https://india.barcaacademy.com/ 

5. Boca Juniors Football Academy (BJFA)

Based in Gurgaon, this academy has helped hundreds of footballers make a career in football. With state-of-the-art technology and a goal to be the best, the academy does not cut corners on quality and gives the finest return on investment for every single penny spent.

The academy is mainly dedicated to training junior aspirants and providing a variety of programs to 6-17-year-old children. Boca Juniors Football Academy programs include Academy Training, Intensive Training, Residential Training, Excellence Training, Schools Programs, and Training Trips to Argentina. 

Website:  https://spotik.in/boca-juniors-football-school-india-gurgaon-trials/

6. Paris Saint Germain Academy India (PSGA)

Paris Saint Germain Academy is one of the football academies in India, providing world-class football training to passionate players. The academy follows the best methodology and training philosophy, emphasising technical excellence and creative play. 

The academy has several dedicated coaches who put their 100% in guiding the students. Their well-managed programs polish skills and give students opportunities to showcase their abilities through tournaments and exchange programs. The fee is also reasonable concerning the quality, allowing it to rank among the top 10 football academies in India.

Website: https://en.psg.fr/academy/football

7. Arsenal Football Schools

Arsenal Football Schools, located in Delhi NCR, has gained prominence for making several brilliant stars like Bukayo Saka, Tony Adams, and Liam Brady. The academy is also known for its top-notch coaching, facilities, and training methodologies. 

We put Arsenal Football Schools in our top 10 football academies in India because of its player-centric approach that focuses on skill development, teamwork, and decision-making abilities. This football institution is also considered one of the best football academies in India because of the affordable fees. 

Website: https://www.arsenal.com/arsenalfootballdevelopment

8. DSK РShivajians Academy 

DSK- Shivajians Academy has a great market reputation for preparing kids and teenagers as future players. With the partnership of Liverpool FC, this amalgamation became the first official Liverpool FC coaching program in India. 

The academy plays a vital role in improving players’ skills while focusing on technical, tactical, physical, mental, and social aspects of football. Besides this, there are several high-end facilities, such as accommodation, gym, cafeteria, swimming pool, etc. With great infrastructure and professional coaching, the academy aimed to be one of the top football academies in India.¬†

Website: Not available

9. Indian Tigers Football Academy

Established in 2008 by the former Chess players, David Lee, CliveWalker, and Gareth Hall, Indian Tigers Football Academy is renowned for its comprehensive training programs and state-of-the-art facilities. The academy has a number of experienced coaches who provide top-notch guidance to aspiring students. 

The institute not only provides great coaching but also keeps the students updated with the latest football knowledge, which helps them in the same direction. Indian Tigers Football Academy also hosts camps for kids and teenagers and conducts school training programs and competitive tournaments, making it one of the top football academies in India.   

Website: Not Available 

10. Kolkata Football Academy (KFA)

Last on the list of the top 10 football academies in India is Kolkata Football Academy. The sole aim of this academy is to bridge the gap between the enormous talent pool of the young generation and the nation’s performance in the competition. The academy has many experienced coaches who take the students in the right direction.¬†

KFA also provides non-residential programs and several opportunities for students to participate in domestic and international tournaments. From infrastructure to learning, the academy excels in all services. 

Website: https://www.kolkatafootballacademy.com/

With Lionel Messi, the best football player in the world, India is also a sleeping giant in football, capable of producing world-class players if young aspirants are provided with abundant facilities, training, and coaching. Since our country’s rising interest in the sport, the emergence of football coaching centres in India has transformed our standing.

We have highlighted the best football academies in India, which not only provide expert assistance but also promote vital qualities such as discipline, collaboration, and sportsmanship. India is evolving, and these football coaching centres will play an important role in getting us to the FIFA World Cup one day.


The only aim of a football academy is to train the future generation and help them to reach their goals. The coaches guide the students to train their skills and make them professional players with their expertise. 


The best cricket academy must train each student 8 hours a week, along with strengthening them physically, mentally, and socially. They also work on student's technical skills. 


There are three main categories in football:- 

  • Foundation (Under 9-11)
  • Youth Development (Under 12-16)
  • Professional Development (Under 17-U23)


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