Proven Chess Strategies Used By Grandmasters To Win The Game

Proven Chess Strategies Used By Grandmasters To Win The Game

Chess, which is the game of strategies, concentration, and patience, gained huge popularity all over the world. Grandmasters like Gary Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand gilded their names in history by winning top chess championships. Do you know which chess strategies helped grandmasters to dominate the game? If you find it difficult to win chess, there might be time for you to change your strategies. In this blog, we will share the proven strategies for chess that work for beginners and expert players.

Why Is Having Chess Strategies Vital to Win the Game?

A strategy in chess is a game plan or tactics often used by the player to take advantage of an opponent. It involves the long-term strategy in which you save the King, create a defensive chess approach, and decide each move with a complete state of mind.

There is a famous line, “Chess is the game of 99.9% tactics, and tactics without a good strategy is the cause of fast defeat.”

When you don’t have good chess strategies in place, you make the wrong moves and miss the biggest opportunities that can give you the taste of the win. Even the world’s famous chess champions like Jose Raul Capablanca excelled at winning chess strategies, which helped him win the biggest championships. You can also become an ace in chess by following the best chess strategy.

Best Chess Strategies For Players To Ace The Game

Get ready to dominate your opponent via these tried and tested chess strategies, which have over 90% success rate. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate chess player, you can easily follow these strategies and play like a pro in your next game. Read each of the chess strategies carefully:

Chess Windmill

The chess windmill is one of the widely used chess strategies by grandmasters and is considered one of the most destructive ones. In this, you gobble up the numerous pieces of your opponent by using a series of discovered attacks to which your opponent responds in a limited number of ways. Each time the piece is captured, the discovered attack is set to be in motion again unless you defeat your opponent.

Bishop Sacrifice

You should be well aware of when to sacrifice your bishop or not. It is one of the best chess strategies, proven and created around bishop sacrifice on h7. Most chess players took this wrong and ended up losing the game by making the irrelevant move.

You must keep a few things in mind while implementing the bishop sacrifice chess strategy. Your light square bishop should be on the b1-h7 diagonal, a knight on f3, the queen that can jump on h5, the bishop on the c1-h6 diagonal and the pawn on e5. For this, you have to plan the moves from the beginning.

Pinning The Knight

It is one of the best-winning chess strategies that work 100% if appropriately followed. During this, you target the knight while the opponent plans to develop a bishop or minor pieces at the beginning of the game. It is an early chess strategy that you should also be aware of when not to pin the bishop with a knight. The best tip here is to make you pinning tactics at the beginning when the opponent develops the bishop.

Attacking the F7 Square

Did you know F7 is considered one of the weakest points on the board of black? You can take advantage of it. Attacking the F7 square is one of the famous chess strategies that can make you win the games in minimum moves. 

All you have to do is attack the F7 square, which is least defended by the minor and major pieces. It is the same square that protects the black King. Always remember your middle-game chess strategy might change depending on the opening moves of the opponent. 

Chess Outposts

Outpost is one of the crucial chess strategies that can give you a special advantage over an opponent. During this, you secure a square called an outpost where your opponent can’t capture the piece without giving up a material advantage. When you follow the chess outposts strategy, it constantly puts pressure on an opponent, resulting in bad moves from their side. However, you have to select the outpost square carefully as it can change the game from even to a decisive win.

Which Are The Best Chess Strategies For Beginners?

Mastering the chess strategies gives a player an extra edge and helps win the game. However, the majority of strategies for chess need high tactical skills and might not be implemented carefully by beginners. Chess beginners are advised to rely on basic chess tactics like controlling the centre of the board, keeping your King safe, and developing your natural checkmate moves. By doing so, you can tactically take advantage of the opponent and win the game easily, per your skillset.

Ace Your Next Chess Game With These Chess Strategies

The chess strategies we mentioned in this blog are proven and widely used by the Grandmasters. You can easily follow and implement these strategies and make tactical moves based on them. However, you should also emphasise practice and develop your unique chess strategy that shocks the opponent. If you are a sports enthusiast, you should also explore our other categories like Cricket, Boxing, Football, Basketball, Tennis, etc. To get the latest sports blog and news, subscribe to SportsnScoop.


The rarest chess move is not promoting the bishop throughout the game. However, there are a few cases when players do not move the bishop to win the game.

No, a king can't directly check the opponent king in chess. A player may move the King from a position or be threatened by another piece.

The golden rule of chess is that when you are down in material, save your queen and King at any cost.

Chess is indeed a helpful game in boosting players' IQs. That's why intelligent kids gravitate towards chess from childhood. 

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