Top 5 Tennis Single Drills For You If You’re A Beginner

Top 5 Tennis Single Drills For You If You’re A Beginner

Tennis is a game that is played by millions of people around the world but it is a very difficult sport to master. Along with years of practice, Tennis also requires its players to have some physical attributes. To build up those attributes, a person has to perform several tennis singles drills. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the best Tennis singles drills that will help you play Tennis more proficiently. 

What Is A Drill?

Before knowing the best Tennis singles drills, you must understand what a drill is. A drill is a controlled and repetitive activity that focuses on one aspect of your game and improves it over time. A drill can help improve a player’s movement, footwork, agility and skills. Drills are not only for beginners but also for seasoned veterans. Many professional tennis players also indulge in drills regularly to improve their footwork and movement. The drills can be used to improve certain shots or movements. 

Top Tennis Single Drills For Beginners

Now that you know what a drill is, let’s quickly go through some of the best tennis singles drills for beginners. It’s worth mentioning that people from every experience level can try any one of these tennis singles drills and reap their benefits. 

1-  X Drills

The first drill in our list of the best Tennis singles drills is X Drills. Here all you need is a court, 4 balls and a person to feed you the balls. The drill is focused on recreating a game-like scenario to improve movement in the game. You have to stand at the baseline of one end of the tennis court. Now the other person or coach will feed you an underarm ball which you have to play for a deep forehand. The next ball will be shorter and will be played by the backhand.

 Now, a ball is fed behind the player so that they have a deep backhand, and finally, the last ball is fed for a short forehand. 

This drill focuses on diagonal, backward and forward movement while attempting a shot. It can help tennis players as it mimics the actual game conditions. 

2- Approaching The Net Drill

This Tennis Singles drill focuses on a player’s ability to play shots near the net. In this drill, you need 5 balls. You have to stand at the baseline of your court and a person will feed you a ball closer to the next and you have to run from the baseline to the net and make a convincing point. In this drill, you have to play these shots backhand and forehand alternatively. 

3- Running The Lines

The next Tennis singles drills focus on movement, agility, fitness and footwork. You have to start by standing on the outside tramline and run to the sideline. Then return to the tramline and run to the service line and then again to the tram line. Repeat this process while covering tramlines in both directions. This drill will help you quickly change your direction in a match setting. 

4- The Spider Drill

For this Tennis singles drill, you need your racquet and 5 balls. Place your racket on the centre line of the baseline and place the balls on both ends of the baseline. Then place 2 balls on the left and right edges of the service box and place 1 ball on the centre line. Now all you have to do is run to the balls as quickly as possible and place the balls on your racquet. Repeat this process while placing balls on different points in the court and this Tennis singles drills will help you increase your mobility and court awareness. 

5- Beyond The Service Lane

The next Tennis singles drills include making long shots and forcing your opponent back. In this drill, you will need a partner. You and your partner will get 5 chances each and if any one of you hits the ball shorter than the service lane, you will lose a chance. The first one to lose all 5 chances will be declared the loser of the game. This drill is important for you to understand your power and how hard you need to hit the ball to push your opponent long without the ball going past the baseline. 

Take Your Tennis Skills To The Next Level

If you are planning to take your Tennis career to the next level, performing these drills is the best way. These drills cover everything from movement exercises to racquet exercises. Many other sports do it as well like the Yo-Yo Test in Cricket.  Make sure you do all these drills regularly to improve your game. Along with the drills mentioned above, there are plenty of other drills as well. So what are you waiting for, start performing these drills today and take your game to the next level today. 


Tennis has two types of matches: singles and doubles. In singles, two players play against each other, while in doubles, two teams of two players play against each other.

 An average tennis player practices for around 3-5 hours daily. 

Iga Swiatek is the number 1 female tennis player right now. 

Roger Federer is the most famous tennis player in the world.


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