The Best PubG Player In The World: The Fearless Contender

The Best PubG Player In The World: The Fearless Contender

PUBG – calling it the heart of all gamers wouldn’t be wrong. Do you agree? 

Ever since its release in 2017, PubG topped the charts worldwide and has tremendously risen in popularity between 2020 and 2021 due to the worldwide lockdown. Today, it has become one of the escort platforms, with tournaments worth millions of dollars. The game is the best way to spend spare time and the medium to earn lucrative money. Due to this, the competition in escorts, especially in PubG, has increased among players. The one question which always trotters among people is, “Who is the best PubG player in the world?”  

This online Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game has produced a lot of gamers who have taken gaming to the next level. Many PubG players also stream their videos on YouTube channels, where gaming fanatics can follow them to learn their playing techniques. We’re going to rank these players based on the PubG Mobile Global Championship 2022 winning.  Let’s find out who holds the first rank. 

List of top PubG players in the world in 2023

Serial No. Player Name Team Country
8 Mortal Soul India
7 RRQ Earnny RRQ Athena Indonesia
6 33Svan Four Angry Man China
5 TQ Marco Team Queso Uruguay
4 Coffin Sapphire Turkey
3 TGLTN Soniqs Australia
2 Jonathan Godlike Esports India
1 ZpYan 1 Four Angry Man China

8. Mortal 

Also known as SOUL Mortal (Naman Mathur), he is the national champion when it comes to PubG mobile. In our list of best PubG players in the world, he is the most professional and top PubG player in India. He has a YouTube channel with 70+ lakh subscribers, where he produces content surrounding PubG mobile. Mortal uses 4 finger clay technique Dominatrix and is the leader of the soul clan. 

Achievements: First position in PubG Mobile Club Open – Sprint Split India, PubG Mobile Series India 2019.

Tournament: Mortal and his team Soul secured the second position in Sky Sports Championship Series in June 2023. 

YouTube Channel: Mortal, 7 million subscribers  

7. RRQ Earrny 

Another best PubG player in the world we have on the list is RRQ Earrny. He plays scrims and tournaments and is known to be the top-notch assaulter in the PubG. He got famous after his 1v1 close combat win. Moreover, he is also the most skilled DMT user. Earrny has played a significant role in the team’s evolution since joining RRQ Athena. 

Achievements: Winner of PubG Mobile Star Challenge in 2018 and 2019. He played 139 matches with a k/d of 3.90. 

YouTube Channel: Earnny CH, 80K subscribers 

6. 33Svan

Known to be the famous sniper and supporter, 33Svan hails from China and is regarded to be the best PubG player in the world. He holds the title of Damage Master and Lash Man Standing at PMGC. He plays for Four Angry Men, inspired by the movie “Twelve Angry Men.” 

Achievements: Winner of PubG Mobile World Championship League. Finished second in the 2021 World Championship final. 

Tournament: In PubG Mobile Global Championship 2022, Four Angry Men secured first position. 

Instagram Followers: 85.1K 

5. TQ Marco

Famous for being the best PubG player in the world, TQ Marco (Marco Poppitti) is the crown prince of PubG Mobile in his country. Macro is greatly recognized by his alias in the gaming community. With his unmatched gaming skills, he has made a significant impact in PubG gaming. 

Achievements: PubG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: Americas and PubG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South America. 

Tournament: In PubG Mobile Global Championship 2022,  TQ Marco’s team Queso got 42nd rank. 

Instagram Followers: 26.2K

4. Coffin 

Coffin is next on our list of the best PubG players in the world. He is known for fast reflexes, close-range combat, and tactical gameplay. Known to be the god of PubG mobile, he indulges in the Solo vs. Squad matches which are quite intense. Coffin also runs a YouTube channel (1000 game score) with 13.4 Lakh YouTube subscribers, where he uploads all his PubG game videos.

Achievements: Played 256 matches in the TTP squad and won 88 matches. Played 174 solo matches and won 61 matches. 

Instagram Followers: 55.3K


We can not miss to mention the gaming skills of TGLTN. Real name Giezen and his Soniqs team played by the end of 2021 and dominated the PubG landscape. His charisma and confidence are unmatched, as he is able to pick apart enemies with swift accuracy. In March 2021, he worked hard to win the PubG Global Invitation, claiming a $ 1.2 million grand prize. 

Achievements: Won PubG Global Invitational 2021, secured first place in PubG Continental Series 6: Americas in April 2022, second position in PubG Continental Series 5: Americas in October 2021, and first position in PubG Continental Series 4: Americas in June 2021. 

Instagram Followers: 24.1K

2. Jonathan  

Jonathan, the most well-known escort player in the PubG community, is a top-level player who competes in PubG in all tournaments held worldwide. He also runs a YouTube channel with 45.7 Lakh subscribers, where he uploads all his gaming videos. He is a two-finger player who uses Gyro while playing the game, for which he is known to be the best PubG player in the world at using Gyroscope. 

Achievements: Won PubG Mobile India Series 2020, Runner-up in PubG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1. 

Instagram Followers: 2.3M

1. ZpYan 1

The person who holds the title of the best PubG player in the world, ZpYan 1, hails from China. He is just 20 years old and has a team NewHappy Escorts – to great success. With his team, he has won four of the last five tournaments entailing four A-tier and one S-tier class competition. 

Achievements: Won PubG Global Championship 2021, Bilibili PubG Asia Cup, PubG Champions League 2021: Summer, etc. 

Tournament: ZpYan 1 plays for Four Angry Men and won the PubG Global Championship in  2022. 

To Sum Up,

This was our list of the top 8 PubG players in the world in 2023. We hope that the list was helpful to you in knowing about the best PubG player in the world. Let us know in the comment section which player you liked the most.  Keep following us for more such articles. 

Frequently Asked Questions…

The AWM is the only powerful weapon that can penetrate a level 3 helmet with one slot. This weapon is so powerful as it can damage or kill a person in a single shot.

 There are around 23 vehicles in PubG, and 6 of them are controlled by the A.I. But you can acquire a BRDM tank through an airdrop. However, the vehicles are divided into 16 land vehicles, 3 water vehicles, and 4 air-capable vehicles. However, with each major update, the number of weapons can change.

There are many good things that you can loot for the basis of the fight, including AM, DMR/SR, Ammo, Heal Stuff, vest, and helmet, weapon attachments to reduce recoil, smoke grenades, heal stuff, short distance and ranged combat scope, and other relevant item you find.

Yes, you can. Go to the home screen, select inventory from the menu at the bottom, and tap the crate icon on the right. Now click on the rename card and tap use. Enter your new name and tap OK. You can now change your name once a day.


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