New Sporting Technology: Revolutionising Sports Forever

New Sporting Technology: Revolutionising Sports Forever

Ever since the dawn of civilisation, humans have played sports to stay fit or pass the time. Currently, sports have come a long way, to a point where people can make a ton of money from sports and live a fabulous life. So in a sense, it has become a revenue-earning endeavour rather than a pastime or just a passion. Now there is new sporting technology that is changing the world of sports with each passing day which holds great potential considering the impact they have on the sporting world. Today we will take a look at some of the most prominently used new sporting technology in the world. 

What Are Sporting Technologies?

Sporting technology refers to the technology that is made specifically for sports. Scientists use some existing technology as a base and then transform it in a way that is helpful in the sporting world. These technologies can be deployed for a variety of applications like training, data collection, fewer fouls, fair play and many more. Some of the major examples of new sporting technology are Fitness Trackers, Goal Line Technology, Heart Monitors and many more.

Best New Sporting Technologies

For the sake of this list, we have made a few categories to distinguish the technologies from one another. 

1- Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR is an interactive virtual environment where a player can recreate a multitude of scenarios to better understand them. Many football clubs and rugby clubs use this new sporting technology to get a better understanding of positions and to evaluate where they lack in their previous games. Augmented reality is another thing that can help in practice and friendly matches. For instance, in a friendly match or practice, a batsman can see the projectile of the ball they are about to play, which will help them in future. 

2- Clothing And Equipment

Another field where new sporting technology is doing wonders is in clothing and equipment. Many companies are coming forward that integrate technology to make new, more efficient clothing and equipment. For example, bodybuilders and weightlifters wear special belts and suits that help them lift more weight. However, most technologically advanced equipment is used in practice to get better data. For example, boxers and MMA fighters use smart mouthguards that register the blows and give a reading based on the head trauma a fighter is withstanding. 

3- New Camera and Mic Technology

Many sports are implementing new sporting technology with advancements in cameras. These cameras give a 360-degree view of the sporting event and help in replays and foul detection. Major sporting leagues like the MLB and NFL use these systems to judge fouls and limitations better. Similarly, Cricket also uses this technology to confirm whether the ball touched the bat, and the system is called edge detection. 

Another new sporting technology implementation of this technology is in broadcasting the event. Almost every sports league uses drones now. This allows you to have an aerial view of the event without needing to hire a helicopter, which can be very expensive. 

4- Cognitive Training Technologies

Another new sporting technology is Cognitive training. As we all know, sports require much more than physicality or physical attributes. If a person wants to achieve something in the field of sports, they need to be mentally tough as well. This is where cognitive training comes in. This training mainly focuses on enhancing brain-related functions like coordination and reaction time. Many sports use technology to better prepare their athletes for cognitive functions. Trainers use various technologies to help their athletes achieve the required cognitive fitness required. The best sportspersons in the world use these techniques to get their reflexes in check. 

5- Artificial Intelligence

AI is something that has various applications in sports. Firstly, AI programmes can be used to tailor diet and training plans for athletes to help them achieve their said physical goals. Another application of AI in sports is as a referee. The main purpose of a referee is to have a person on the field who has the power to make changes in the game, but the most important thing is to be unbiased. A human will always have a bias, but an AI will never have a bias and will make a great and ethical referee. 

Our Take

The world of sports is filled with new sporting technology that helps improve players, teams, and the audience. So, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are integrating technology into their existing equipment. Technology has a long way to go in sports, which is merely the beginning of the intelligent era of sports. 


AI is used in sports to analyse player performance, Audience reception, commentary and many other things.

Yes, smart wearable gadgets are usually very accurate, and the error is also quite insignificant. 

VR is used in sports to recreate certain moments from a particular moment either for entertainment, scrutiny or practice purposes.

 Smart mouthguards register the impact of the blow to the head to evaluate head trauma. 

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