10 Indoor Games To Enjoy With Your Friends And Parents

10 Indoor Games To Enjoy With Your Friends And Parents

As the weather changes, we are advised to stay inside. Whether it is rainy days, summer afternoons, or winter evenings, the need for indoor entertainment grows with every day. While movies and music are considered the best entertainment activities, having various indoor games is one of the best ways to spend quality time with family and friends. Besides this, the top 10 indoor games (mentioned below) also contribute to mental fitness. Best indoor games like Chess, Crossword Puzzles, etc., sharpen the mind and boost overall confidence. 

Let’s glimpse the top 10 indoor games that help you relax at home while having fun. 

1. Chess

Chess is one of the most suitable games, especially for those who want to strengthen their minds while having fun. It involves strategies, tactical thinking, and considerable focus. Chess is a good workout for your brain and provides several opportunities to players at a competitive level. 

About The Game 

It is a board game played between two players. There are two sides, black and white, one for each. The game will start with 16 pieces, including One King, One Queen, Two Rooks, Two Bishops, Two Knights, & Eight Pawns. Players have to check and mate the opponent King to win the game. 

Advantages Of Playing Chess

  • Improves concentration
  • Raises IQ level
  • Enhances problem-solving skills

2. Carrom Board

Regarded as one of India’s top 10 indoor games, Carrom Board is widely popular¬† across Asia. This popular game has been a part of everyone‚Äôs childhood and created many memories. Playing carrom includes lots of fun and encourages team building, making it one of the best indoor games.¬†¬†

About The Game 

Carrom Board is also a board game that comes in square share with four holes at the corners. These holes are called pockets. There are 19 pieces split into three colours, nine black, nine white, and one Red, called Queen. The Queen has 50 points, black 10, and white 20. The player has to earn maximum points through pocketing to win the game. 

Advantages Of Playing Carrom Board 

  • Refreshes mind
  • Improve attention
  • Increase problem-solving skills¬†
  • Boost concentration

3. Ludo

Ludo is one of the top 10 indoor games related to Indian history, derived from Pachisi, mentioned in the Indian Epic Mahabharata. This game has been popular for ages and continues to entertain all age groups. Considered one of the best indoor games, it is the most loved time pass activity for summer vacation and family reunions. 

About The Game 

Ludo is, again, a board game that can be played between two or four players. There are a total of 16 pieces in four colours Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow, distributed in 4-4 sets and one dice. Players have to throw the dice and move the piece the number got on the dice. Whose all four pieces reach the centre first will win the game. 

Advantages Of Playing Ludo

  • Build learning skills¬†
  • Reduce mental stress¬†
  • Improve memory function¬†
  • Reduce blood pressure

4. Business

Popular among children who have an entrepreneurial mind at a very early age, business is one of the top 10 indoor games that can be educational and enjoyable at the same time. Business is also counted among the most suitable indoor games for the kids to invest their time. It offers fun and develops important skills like decision-making, financial literacy, etc.

About The Game 

Business can be played between 2 or 4 players. It involves the pieces and dice. The dice are thrown, and the player will move their pieces to travel all around the country and decide whether to buy the city. The good thing about this game is there are no time restrictions, making it one of the best indoor games for time passes.

Advantages Of Playing Business

  • Build unity
  • Encourage analytical thinking¬†
  • Strengthen decision-making
  • Stimulate learning process

5. Badminton

When it comes to the top 10 indoor games, Badminton is one of them; however, it also comes to the sports category. Well, it does not need any introduction as Badminton has been popular worldwide and has produced several best players. If you are looking for the best indoor games for fitness, Badminton is an ideal option. 

About The Game 

Badminton can be played between 2-4 players, but you must get on your home’s lawn. To play this game, you will need the best badminton racket, shuttle, and net. The player scored the maximum points on the opponent to win the game. Physical strength and agility required in the game make it one of the best top 10 indoor games. 

Advantages Of Playing Badminton

  • Improves physical fitness¬†
  • Develops athleticism¬†
  • Boosts confidence¬†
  • Relieves stress and anxiety¬†

6. Cards 

Cards offer ultimate fun and relaxation while being at home. It would be your best partner for small parties and get-togethers at home. Because of several playing opportunities, it is considered one of the top 10 indoor games. The number of games can keep you busy for many hours. 

About The Game 

The deck of cards contains 52 cards which are divided into four suits, Diamond, Spades Clubs, and Hearts. An equal number of cards are distributed among the players. Depending on your chosen game type, there would be at least two players and as many as a maximum. 

Advantages Of Playing Cards

  • Improves patience and concentration
  • Enhances mental health
  • Boosts social life¬†
  • Improves memory

7. UNO 

UNO is also a card game counted among the most played among the top 10 indoor games. It is one of the most suitable indoor games to play with family and friends whenever you want enjoyment and relaxation. The best thing about UNO is it can be played anytime and anywhere. 

About The Game 

Similar to cards, an equal number of cards are distributed among the players. The game’s objective is to get rid of all the cards in your hand first strategically because there would be many hurdles along the way.¬†

Advantages Of Playing 

  • Facilitates bonding
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Enhances strategic thinking
  • Develops flexibility and adaptability

8. Scrabble 

Scrabble is one of the top 10 indoor games to play leisurely. The game is all about creating new words with the letters. Scrabble is an interesting game to play with your friends that offers fun and improves vocabulary. So if you are looking for mind-sharpening best indoor games, Scrabble can be your best buddy. 

About The Game 

This board game includes 100 letter titles and 4 racks. Mix all the letters well and draw a letter. Create a word from your letter with the letters already placed on the board. The player will score a point after creating a word from the letter, and the game continues until all the letters have been drawn or all possible words have been made. 

Advantages Of Playing Scrabble

  • Strengthen vocabulary¬†
  • Reduce the risk of mental illness¬†
  • Lower stress
  • Improves immune system

9. Tambola 

From being the kitty-party favourite to the most-loved game of many households, Tambola is one of the top 10 indoor games to play inside the home. Whether you are bored or looking for an indoor fun activity, Tambola is considered the most suitable indoor game that can be played anytime. This game reduces stress while improving problem-solving skills, making it one of the best indoor games. 

About The Game 

The game starts with the dealer drawing the number from the box, which the player needs to write on the paper that comes along with the Tambola game. The player has to create its  own winning pattern or point similar to existing patterns. Each pattern comes with different difficulty, which decides the winning prizes. The popular winning patterns are Full-House, Early 5, First Row/Line, Corners, and Bottom Line. 

Advantages Of Playing Tambola

  • Reduce stress¬†
  • Improve concentration
  • Build social skills
  • Improves communication skills¬†

10. Pictionary 

Pictionary is a very famous and loved indoor activity that can be played with friends and family. The reason for considering it among the top 10 indoor games is the pleasure and excitement it involves. The game is based on creativity and judgment ability, making it one of the best indoor games for growing children. 

About The Game 

In the game, the player withdraws seven titles from the pool and creates a word from these letters on the board. There are 100 titles in the game, each imprinted with a point value. The player with the highest score will win the game. 

Advantages Of Pictionary 

  • Improve vocabulary
  • Enhance creativity
  • Reduce stress
  • Build confidence¬†

Indoor games are a fantastic way to stay entertained and focused while being at home. These top 10 indoor games help you to challenge yourself mentally and physically. Whether you choose board games or physically challenging games like badminton or table tennis, these indoor games will keep you engaged at home and give you  endless fun. So gather your loved ones, make some space, and let the indoor game extravaganza begin. 


Yes, there are several indoor games that can be played alone, such as wordplay, block, etc. Kids or even adults can play this game alone to sharpen their minds.

Games like Crossword puzzles, scrabble, and chess require brainstorming. These games push children to think beyond their limits in a short period of time, sharpening their minds and helping your child to grow mentally while being at home. 

Indoor games are undoubtedly better than outdoor games, as you can play them at your home, irrespective of day or night. You can play them with friends at a small get-together or birthday celebration to enhance your mood.

You can play indoor games on mobile, but the best way to enjoy indoor games and make the most of them is physically. It boosts your concentration and does not affect your eyesight.

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