The Best Indian WWE Wrestlers To Ever Compete

The Best Indian WWE Wrestlers To Ever Compete

There is hardly anyone around the world who hasn’t heard about WWE. It is the premiere Pro-Wrestling organisation in the world. Many people aspire to be a WWE wrestler someday. There was a time when seeing an Indian WWE wrestler was a big thing to ask but since the latter part of 2010s, we’ve seen an increase in the number of Indian WWE wrestlers. 

Today we will be listing the best Indian WWE wrestlers to ever compete in the organisation, some of the wrestlers mentioned below are nationals of different countries but are of Indian origins nonetheless. 

Top Indian WWE wrestlers In The World

Before starting the list, it’s worth noting that this list is not ranked in any particular order and all the wrestlers mentioned below have made significant contributions to the Indian pro wrestling scene. 

1. The Great Khali

It only seems fair to start the list with the most popular and dominant Indian WWE wrestler ever. Dalip Singh Rana or The Great Khali made his debut in 2006 and was one of the most entertaining Indian WWE wrestlers. To this very day, the entrance of Khali in the royal rumble in his debut year gives goosebumps to every Indian. Although he didn’t have a very long career in the WWE, he for sure was the most famous Indian WWE wrestler at the time and made way for other Indians who had the same dream. 

2. The Great Gama

Gadowar Singh Sahota, commonly known as The Great Gama, was an Indo-Canadian wrestler who was the first Indian WWE wrestler. He joined the organisation back in 1980 when WWE was called WWF. Gama was directly recruited by the owner of WWE, Vince McMahon. He remained in the organisation from 1980 to 1986. 

3. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal or Yuvraj Singh Dhesi is another popular name on the list of Indian WWE wrestlers who are currently active in the competition. He made his Debut in 2011. After Khali put India on the map. It was Jinder who had the responsibility to take India to new heights in WWE. Although his first run in the WWE wasn’t very good or noteworthy, but his second stint definitely rolled some heads and gave him the notoriety he deserved. He is also the nephew of The Great Gama. 

4. Kishan Raftaar

Lovepreet Sangha or Kishan Raftaar is a professional kabaddi player who played for the best kabaddi teams in India but later switched to pro wrestling and made his debut in the WWE in 2015 at their NXT. He remained in the NXT for the next 3 years but he couldn’t make his mark on the sport and was cut from the organisation in 2018. 

5. Veer Mahaan

Rinku Singh Rajput or Veer Mahan is among the new breed of Indian WWE Wrestlers. He made his debut in 2018 as a one-half of the tag team on the WWE NXT. Since then Rinku has been a part of the ‘Raw’ franchise of WWE. 

6. Sanga

Saurav Gurjar or Sanga is the other half of the tag team mentioned previously. He also made his debut with his teammate Veer Mahan on WWE’s NXT and since then he has also signed to the ‘Raw’ franchise of WWE. Together he and Veer Mahan have a team called Indus Sher or Lions of India. 

7. The Singh Brothers

Formerly known as the ‘Bollywood Boyz’, The Singh Brothers are a tag team in the WWE who made their debut in 2017 at SmackDown. The team comprises two brothers, Gurvinder Sihra and Harvinder Sihra, with the stage names of Sunil Singh and Sameer Singh respectively. They made their debut as the security detail of the aforementioned, Jinder Mahal. 

8. Kavita Devi

Kavita Dalal, better known by her stage name, Kavita Devi is one of the Indian WWE wrestlers who made her debut in 2017. She is an Asian Games gold medallist in freestyle wrestling. She etched her name in history when she became the first Indian female wrestler to feature on WWE Wrestlemania. 

9. Mahabali Shera

Amanpreet Singh Randhawa (Mahabali Shera) is another one of the professional Indian WWE wrestlers who made his debut in WWE in 2018. Known by his stage name, Mahabali Shera, Randhawa had a short career in WWE after his contract was terminated by the WWE just 7 months after his debut. 

10. Tiger Ali Singh 

Gurjit Singh Hans or Tiger Ali Singh is a retired Canadian professional wrestler who made his debut in the organisation in 1990 and became one of the first few best Indian WWE wrestlers. He was known for his entertaining wrestling style with a mix of Indian Kushti

Final Thoughts

Pro wrestling is something that is popular among kids and adults and these Indian WWE wrestlers have made India proud by being in the biggest pro wrestling promotion ever.  

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