5 Best Gym Equipment Brands In The World

5 Best Gym Equipment Brands In The World

The gym is important to be fit and healthy, and so is gym equipment. Yes, most of us won’t believe it, but the truth is that the quality of gym equipment matters equal to dedication towards practice. Having the right fitness machines from the best gym equipment brands helps you keep encouraged and produce notable results. If you are a fitness enthusiast and regularly go to the gym to boost your body‚Äôs strength and keep it highly energetic, this blog is for you. We have gathered some valuable information about gym equipment and how to choose the best brand.

Importance Of Gym Equipment In The Growing Fitness Industry

In recent years the fitness industry has seen tremendous growth, resulting in increasing demand for high-quality fitness equipment from the best gym equipment brands. The global gym equipment market has seen positive growth and is anticipated to generate a revenue of $15, 762.57 million at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2021 to 2028. 

Most gym owners and professional trainers believe that investing in high-end equipment is crucial for an enhanced workout, improving physical health and driving overall success in fitness establishments. The best gym equipment from reputed brands looks and feels good, improving willingness to practice exercise. Some best gym equipment brands in the world guarantee:

  • Safety
  • Enhanced performance¬†
  • Durability¬†
  • Warranty¬†
  • Affordability
  • Spare-parts availability

Now look at the factors contributing to choosing the right gym equipment. 

How To Choose The Best Gym Equipment Brands?

With many best brands and suppliers for gym equipment, it can take time to identify the industry’s top player. So we have shortlisted the criteria to choose the best brand for gym equipment to help you reach your fitness goal.¬†

  • Quality & Durability

Quality is an important factor in choosing the best gym equipment. Opt for the best brand of gym equipment that focuses on producing high-quality and durable equipment.

  • Market Reputation & Popularity

To get quality machines and equipment, search for a reputable and popular gym equipment brand with a solid track record in the fitness industry. Read reviews, testimonials, recommendations and or compare their annual sale. 

  • Innovation

Among the best gym equipment brands, choose the one that stays at the forefront of fitness technology and innovation. Equipment with advanced features, an interactive interface, and data-tackling capabilities can enhance user engagement and motivation. 

  • Price

Undoubtedly, quality is the priority, but you can not ignore the cost of gym equipment. Several best gym equipment brands produce high-quality equipment at affordable prices and offer additional services like online deliveries, customer care services and much more. 

  • Availability

Easy availability is one important factor in choosing the best brand for gym equipment. You should count on the readily available brand near you or online. 

  • Range Of Offerings

A brand with a comprehensive range of equipment to cater to different fitness goals and preferences is a good one to select. It will save time and effort for trainers and fitness enthusiasts to walk into multiple stores to collect different gym equipment. 

  • Warranty & Return Policy

The best fitness equipment brands provide a warranty to repair and replace the equipment. Read out the return and warranty policy carefully when searching for the best gym equipment brands. 

  • Safety Standards & Certifications

Ensure the brand that complies with safety standards and certifications relevant to the fitness industry. This ensures the well-being of the users and reduces liability risks. 

Now you know the shortlisting criteria, let’s discover the best fitness equipment brands in the world.¬†

Top 5 Gym Equipment Brands In The World Based On Revenue 

We have shortlisted the best gym equipment brands based on their market reputation according to their annual revenue. Without further delay, discover the best brand for gym equipment. 


Technogym is one the best fitness equipment brands known for producing quality gym equipment. It is an Italian brand and has been in the industry for the last thirty years. The primary reason behind their prominence is their use of the latest technology and innovative designs. Technogym has a wide range of gym equipment, including strength training equipment, cardio machines, and functional training equipment, making it a one-stop solution to meet all gym equipment needs. Talking about the price, the company has mid-high range products.

Annual revenue – $703.2M


If you are looking for the best gym equipment brands in the world, Precor is one of them. This US-based company has more than 13,000 facilities across the globe and has been providing solutions to the fitness industry for over 40 years. The primary reason behind their success is their wide range of products. All of their gym equipment are qualitative and comfortable to use, making them the preferred choice of trainers and users. Moreover, Precor’s equipment are designed meticulously and innovatively, making them the ideal choice for the gym for all sizes.¬†

Annual revenue – $426.7M

Life Fitness 

Founded in 1977, Life Fitness is an older brand with a well-established global reputation. The company is an amalgamation of six brands; Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Cybex, Scifit, Indoor Cycling and Brunswick. This conglomeration of different brands has a wide variety of products, making it one of the best gym equipment brands. Life Fitness has a large collection of gym equipment, including Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Clothing and many more. Above all, they never compromise the quality over the quantity of the gym equipment. So whether you are a beginner or a professional, Life Fitness is the best choice. 

Annual revenue – $210M

Core Health & Fitness

The company was founded in 2020; nonetheless, it is counted in the top 5 gym equipment brands in the world because of its notable annual revenue growth. Core Health & Fitness has several different brands under it, including StairMaster, Schwinn, Star Trac, Nautilus and Throwdown. With these brands, Core Health & Fitness could make global networks providing a wide range of commercial gym equipment. This is one of the trusted and best gym equipment brands for quality and customer service. 

Annual revenue – $117M

Rogue Fitness 

The next best brand for gym equipment is Rogue Fitness, which was founded in the year 2007. Based in Ohio, United States. Rogue Fitness has a solid market and plans to expand its business. It is an authentic gym equipment brand that produces qualitative, innovative and impressive products. It is considered one of the top 5 gym equipment brands in the world because of its product range; from machines to supplements, they have everything to meet fitness goals. Above all, the prices are affordable. 

Annual revenue – $90M

These are the best gym equipment brands based on annual turnover and growth. They have come a long way because of their quality and range of products. We recommend you consult your gym trainer before choosing the best brand for gym equipment to meet your needs and preferences. 

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