Best Badminton Smashing Techniques You Need To Know

Best Badminton Smashing Techniques You Need To Know

Badminton is one of the oldest and most reputed games in the world. Every one of us might have played badminton at some point in our lives. It is quite easy to learn and doesn’t require much equipment to play. But what stands out in Badminton is the badminton smashing techniques the players use. Many of us have wondered how these players smash the shuttle so hard. Don’t worry; now we have the answer to this question. In this blog, we will tell you about the best badminton smashing techniques you need to know for a fast and brutal smash. 

What is Badminton Smashing?

Smash is one of the best badminton shots that emphasises power and speed over shuttlecock placement. In other words, it is a power shot that is meant to scare your opponent and make the process of hitting the shuttlecock harder for them. When executed correctly, a smash is enough to get you the much-needed point. However, smash is something that takes both strength and technique. A person can exert power, but that power is of no use unless the technique is not on the mark. One of the important things in smash is to ensure that the shuttlecock is high enough to attempt a smash because if it’s not, your smash will get stuck in the net. Now, you know the basics of badminton smashing, so let’s get into the best techniques. 

Top Badminton Smashing Techniques For A Robust Smash 

The techniques we are about to list are time-tested and used by players playing at every level.

1- Forehand Smash Technique

This badminton smashing technique is an overhand smash that a player hits with all of their downward motion. The technique is very similar to throwing a ball. So, if you are accustomed to throwing a ball, this badminton smashing technique is for you. This is the oldest badminton smashing technique,  and one of the most basic ones too.Yet, the task is more challenging than it appears.”. You need a ton of practice to perfectly execute this technique. So, what exercises can you do to get perfect in this smashing technique? Follow these steps to play the Forehand Smash technique. The best badminton players in the world like AN Se-Young, Lakshya Sen and Kodai Naraoka also use this technique quite often.

  • The first thing to do is to place your non-racquet hand at your chin’s height. This will help you with your striking hand’s angle. This step will make sure that your stance and angle are good. 
  • For good balancing, ensure that most of your weight is on your back foot. This will help you with your balance and will help you time your smash better. 
  • Now, your elbows should be straight, your racquet leg should be in the front, and the most important thing is that you bend your knees while playing the shot for maximum power and control over the shot. 
  • This is the time to be attentive and ready to play the shot. You have to time it well because you only got one shot at this. Stand on your toes and the ball of the feet for a better explosive action. 

2- Backhand Smash Technique

This badminton smashing technique might not be very powerful compared to other smashing techniques, but it is unpredictable and fast. It is generally used when the shuttlecock has gone behind the player, and they turn to hit the cock back rather than moving backwards. However, it is more complicated than the forehand smash technique. Now, let’s have a look at the steps to attempt this shot. 

  • The first and most important thing is swiftly getting a backhand grip on the racquet. You don’t get enough time to adjust your grip in a game, so you have to be very proficient with it. For this shot,  you have to look at the opponent’s shot’s angle and swing to time the shot properly and to get an idea of where the shuttlecock will come from. 
  • Make sure that your weight is on the racquet foot and your back is facing the net. For this badminton smashing technique, your angles should be on point for the best execution.
  • Now, your racquet should be overhead, and then the arm should come straight down. Your grip on the badminton racquet is also significant. A strong racquet grip translates to better shot placement and power. 

Remember that this badminton smashing technique is not used very often, mainly because it takes a lot of precision and timing to make it.  This is the last resort, and you shouldn’t get yourself in the position to play this shot. 

3- Jumping Smash Technique

This badminton smashing technique is similar to forehand smash, but it will further increase the speed and power of the shot which makes it even harder for your opponent to play the shot. The process of a jump smash is similar to a forehand smash where you have to place your non-racquet hand on your chin’s level and then drive your racquet hand towards your non-racquet hand. The major difference is that while doing all that, you are also jumping, which increases the power and speed quite significantly. Make sure you use your racquet foot to jump and land with your racquet foot on the front. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. These are some of the best and most prominently used badminton smashing techniques. In this blog, we shared how you can execute them perfectly. Make sure you practice these steps thoroughly to make yourself proficient in the techniques and have the upper hand on the court. 

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