Master The Basics Of Golf- A Beginners’ Friendly Guide

Master The Basics Of Golf- A Beginners’ Friendly Guide

Golf is a sport played mostly among wealthy people and has regained its popularity in the modern era. Today, common people also want to play this expensive sport and want to experience the thrill and class golf carried for centuries. If you also decide to start playing golf, you should be aware of the basics of golf. You might initially feel nervous while holding the golf stick, but complete knowledge of basic rules infuses confidence and helps you make a better golf player. In this blog, we will make you aware of the golf basics for beginners.

Things You Will Need To Play Golf As A Beginner

Golf is a game of concentration won by those who have good knowledge of golf basics a and high-quality equipment. Your inspiration might be Tiger Woods, who has 82 all-time PGA tour victories. But do you know what it takes to be a professional golf player? 

Apart from the basics of golf, the essential equipment and knowledge are required to perform well in this sport. Let’s have a look at the essential things you will need to play golf:

Golf Clubs

A golfer is allowed to carry 14 clubs in a bag. However, you don’t need much when you are about to start playing golf. Through it, you will hit the ball and learn the basics of golf strokes. It is vital to check the different types of golf clubs and choose which provides a good grip and movement to your hand.

Golf Ball

Another essential thing you need is a golf ball. While selecting it, you should consider various factors, like the ball’s mass, which should not be more than 45.9 grams. In addition, you should also be aware of the basics of golf associated with the ball.


Having a strong grip on the golf club requires the best gloves. It helps you improve the holding position and grip of your lead hand on the golf club. When you have high-quality gloves, you can also implement the basics of golf for beginners properly.

Basics Of Golf From Which You Must Aware

Now that you have a better understanding of the equipment you will need before playing the game let’s move towards the basics of golf, without which you won’t be able to learn and play this sport.

Understand Swing Mechanics

When you read about golf swing mechanics, it seems to be complex, but in real life, it is easy to learn and implement. The golf swing is the sequence of events which involves grip, aim, and posture. Over 90% of beginners fail to set up and hit the ball. But when you understand golf basics, it becomes easier to master these golf swings. Always remember the rule of G-A-P:

Grip: The golf grip is the most crucial basics of golf rules, which connects you to the golf club. First of all, you should know how to create a grip with your golf club. Place your left hand on the club, wrap your fingers around the grip and place your right hand below.

Aim: Almost everyone is good at aiming for the target. You are also one of them. While practising for aim, your golf ball and clubhead are on the right track and should point towards your target golf hole. On the other hand, your feet and shoulder should be on the left track and point parallel to the target line.

Posture: The third and most significant golf basics is posture. A right posture will keep you balanced throughout the golf swing. You can also strike the ball better with the floor with little effort. Don’t over-flex on your knees, and tilt maximum on your hips in the forward direction.

Ball Movement In The Air

One of the greatest challenges and unlearned basics of golf is knowing how the ball gets in the air consistently. The basic concept is that to get the ball in the air; you need to hit the ground with the correct posture and golf swing.

Learn To Chip And Hitch

You should master the basics of golf, like clip and hitch, used during the short game. As you get closer to the green, you will need to use the short swings to control the distance each of your shots will travel. 

Chipping is the short swing back and aiming to brush the grass under the golf ball. On the other hand, pitching needs a bigger swing and less than a full golf swing. It is generally used when the ball travels 20 years or more throughout the air.

Practise The Golf Basics And Become A Better Player

As a beginner, you should master the golf basics before playing this game. In the beginning, you might struggle; don’t worry about it. Always remember, practice makes a  man perfect. You can also get the assistance of a golf coach to get professional support in your initial days. We hope you found this blog on the basics of golf insightful. For more information on various sports like Cricket, Boxing, Basketball, and chess, follow SportsnScoop.


In case the ball is lost and found by the caddies of the player within five minutes, a player must play a ball under a penalty of one stroke.

Some of the basics of golf include understanding the ball movement, techniques of playing strokes, and more. You should also have a good knowledge of the basic golf rules to play it professionally.

The 'Birdie' is a term that refers to a score where a player takes one swing less than the par of a hole.

You can't learn to play golf at home. The basics of golf can be understood properly while doing practice. We suggest you seek the assistance of a golf expert for it.

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